WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 24: Episode 35 – FASHION Bears


AND WE ARE BACK………Yes, after 3 months of Hibernation…….again, We Bare Bears is finally showing new episodes on Cartoon Network again (well, on TV again. They actually showed this on their site as a bonus episode in some compilation episodes earlier) and before we get into the episode, there is one big change in the re-cap.

I’m dropping the grade system on this mainly because while I feel there is some good to OK episode so far and they have been consistently good and giving the same rating might be a bit monotonous so that part is gone from that.

So….onto this week’s episode…..FASHION BEARS.Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.34.45

In order to abide by the clothing policy of their favorite Boba shop, the bears get some new outfits. But with new looks come new lives including office work, fashion modeling and even falling in love.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.33.38 Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.33.36 Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.33.40


OK, first things first. The bears can’t get in this Boba shop because they aren’t wearing clothes. They’re bears…….clothes don’t mean a damn thing to them. THEY’RE BEARS!! Anyway, they get some new outfits from a thrift shop, looking fancy especially with Grizz on his Suit and Tie shit….and I just referenced a Justin Timberlake song. Eh……in which that Grizz is mistaken for somebody that works for a big company.

Elsewhere, Panda in his clothes got himself a date with a girl named Samantha and while he thinks she’s cute and all…….she’s also crazy as shit because she wants to do some crazy shit like ride to a car wash on a bike, do parkour and he gets tired of that shit quick, although the next minute she thinks he wants to marry the girl because he bend down on one knee. Panda, look, I know the girl is cute and all but damn doing that shit everyday will tire your ass out.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.38.45

Oh, and with Ice Bear, he has a job in a modeling agency and while he’s busy doing his modeling thing, he finds out they are altering and photo shopping him. OK, first off, you do not photo-shop Ice Bear. Ice Bear is perfect the way he is! Also, Grizz freaks out about the meeting with the boss and it turns out that Samantha, the crazy girl Panda is dating is the boss’ daughter and Ice Bear is also in the same building as them.

So, they said FUCK ALL THAT, rip their clothes off and things go back to normal as always.Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.37.24

VERDICT: Eh, this episode was alright although the Panda part was really not as good as the first time I watched it back online because we know how it’s going to do down in the end and also that Sam character was annoying to be completely honest and I know she was an one-time character but yeah, I’m not that fond of her and as usual, I find the Grizz and Ice Bear parts funny but not as funny as their other episodes like this. It’s probably one episode I wouldn’t mind watching on replay but I’m not hailing it as a favorite…it’s more or less like Tote Life although I like this more than that one.

"You're a Panda and your name is Panda?" Yes, and he has broads in Atlanta. Twistin' dope, lean, and the Fanta.
“You’re a Panda and your name is Panda?”
Yes, and he has broads in Atlanta.
Twistin’ dope, lean, and the Fanta.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and……is Boba tea that good?


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