Welcome to another round of ATTACK THE SCHLOCK and this one is a subject that has surprised all of us this month.

Two weeks ago, at Anime Expo 2016, Crunchyroll has having their industry panel and like many of us that can’t made it there, us anime fans watch it via on UStream and of course, the biggest news from that panel caught everyone’s eye.

(skip to the 58:26 mark)

Crunchyroll has announced that they are delving into the home video market, releasing their catalog anime on Blu-ray and DVD.

Not only that, they plan to dub these titles as well.

Now with that said, they have said what titles they are planning on dubbing including some of the most recent airing shows like Berserk 2016, Big Order, Twin Star Exorcists, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Gintama, Myriad Colors Phantom World and Yamada-kun & The Seven Witches.

And with that said, the bigger surprise of this is….

They got Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress as well and that is quite a surprise since this isn’t streaming anywhere else except on Amazon Prime and many people were worried whether this title will receive a home video release and thankfully, Crunchyroll swooped in and got the HV rights to that.

Now my thoughts on what titles they announced for dubbing……..well, it’s no shock that I hate Phantom World and think it’s a contender for worst anime of this year. No surprise that I liked Kabaneri and I can’t say shit for Berserk 2016 yet since it’s still airing and I’m actually enjoying it so far but it might change. Free and Gintama…….yeah, don’t care for those titles. Twin Star Exorcists…….well, right now this is just a chore to watch but if I watched this dubbed, well, it’ll be less of one, like background noise when I’m sleeping or doing other things. Yamada and the 7 Witches……I heard good things about so I’m going to wait until I see it dubbed and as for Big Order…….yeah……

OK, the titles they got announced weren’t that appealing to me. Maybe only 3 and a half titles but I’m not going to front on that. I’m 100% sure that more titles will come and they’ll pique something out of me and will eventually come to Blu-ray and in English…..Oh, Crunchyroll, if you’re listening……

Please. Pretty please. With this and Inferno Cop, too.

(I would’ve said Kiznaiver, too but Aniplex USA got that instead. Oh well…..)

Now the other thing about this is with them dubbing now, they have said they are working with partners and in-house to create them as we have gotten news that Gintama is getting one from Canada, possibly from Ocean or Blue Water….that’s all the info I got from that. Free! got their Season 1 dub done by Okratron 5000, bringing all the cast back from Season 2 (yeah, this is still weird for me) so they can be an option for the future as well. As for other partners, I assume they would be either Bang Zoom, NYAV Post and possibly Studiopolis in the future but it’s not a guarantee as I do think they are going in-house for most of the time.

It’s also good that in the state of English dubbed anime, California and NY dubs are being to rise again since the loss of Bandai back in 2012. It’s been more slow-building for the latter while we have seen a lot of growth coming from the former but no doubt we are seeing them coming back doing anime dubs.

Now with that said, one remaining question about that has us asking.,…… much will it cost?

Will it be up to prices like most FUNimation, Sentai and Viz anime prices or will it be as high as the prices of Aniplex and PONY CANYON? We….don’t know as of yet but I have a feeling it might be the former because the latter two are American divisions of their Japanese company although CR is co-owned by Otter Media (AT&T and The Chernin Group joint venture) and TV Tokyo but I doubt prices are going to be that high. Maybe in the middle where some people can meet at but that’s about it and hopefully no internet riots about it.

So what else to say about this? I’m very pleased to see that Crunchyroll is going from anime streaming service to home video distributor and I hope this brings success to put more of their selected titles in physical media and dubbed, too. The game has been changed for the better. Let’s hope we play good enough to see more goods coming out of it.

That’s been my say on this. I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


8 thoughts on “ATTACK THE SCHLOCK: Crunchyroll HEADING TO Home…….Video

  1. I definitely think it was a good move for them. They’ll also get more shows licenses if they keep expanding and show they’re a powerhouse, but I do hope they’re not the only ones left on the market to do as they please. Competition is always good for consumers (⌒▽⌒)

    1. Thankfully there is still some competition out there with FUNimation still getting their hands on what anime they can and I still see Sentai along with Viz, Aniplex and PC getting their piece (mostly niche but still effective).

  2. Good move for them. I was already there when Crunchyroll just started, and they streamed horrible quality anime back then. It’s quite pleasing to watch it grow so big now. I hope that they give us fans better prices and of course better quality than what’s on the market right now. We’ll see.

  3. I’m here through the sorcery of the carnival, a really great post. I have to admit, even as someone who still buys physical media, I was shocked by this announcement. It sort of felt like Chevrolet announcing they were going to start making horse-drawn carts.
    Not to mention the fact that CR has gone from sketch streaming to legit streaming to HV producer has got to be some kind of first for the industry.

    Keep up the great posts, and you’ve definitely got a new follower now.

  4. Hm. I didn’t know about this! (Well, I knew they were doing DVDs, and that’s it.) But this is interesting. I didn’t realize they were dubbing it. (I thought it’d be subbed.) So that’s new. And I didn’t realize the complications with that.
    Enlightening post!

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