TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2016 Edition: ACTIVE RAID Second

OH HELL YEAH!! MOB PSYCHO 100 coming tomorrow, boi!!!! This shit is g—

Wait, what?
Another first impression? Of what?

Active Raid? Oh….oh……OH!!!!! I….completely forgot about that show.

Fuck, I actually did forget. I guess the shit didn’t stand out that much. Anyway, this is Active Raid Second.

Chief DirectorGoro Taniguchi

DirectorNoriaki Akitaya

Series CompositionNaruhisa Arakawa

MusicKotaro Nakagawa

Original Character DesignShun Saeki

Character DesignAsako Nishida

Animation ProductionProduction IMS

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: The nation’s capital, Tokyo, where the Space Elevator Project is proceeding at full tilt, in preparation for the summit. Established to fight crime based around Willwear, enhanced armor, is the Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit—Unit 8 in short. Having saved Japan from Logos’ terrorism, Unit 8 was now become really popular around the country. However, crimes misusing Willwear showed no signs of slowing down. In fact, they kept escalating. Kuroki and the rest of Unit 8 now have new members on their side, and continue to fight evil crimes with their brains, bravery, and the gift of gab—now with the help of civilian police.

First Thoughts (well, again): *looks back at first impression of the first season* I said that my first impression of the 1st episode of this was fun? Well, I could say that again here but I think the effect of that wore me out. I’m going to be honest. I forgot that there was a 2nd season coming in the summer and this title wasn’t on anyone else’s minds in terms of titles to look forward to. No, really, no one I know feels excited for the 2nd season of Active Raid or even care about it. It’s the show people stop giving a fuck about. Anyway, first impressions – same stuff we saw from last time, looks pretty, play it if you need background noise and it’s acceptable background noise at that but you really don’t need to rush to watch it. There you go. You can binge it whenever during the summer season. Just BINGE IT.

I’m MAK2.0 aka the Blue Hybrid and at least I got one more anime to cover…..saving the best for last was no joke.


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