TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2016 Edition: QUALIDEA Code

War-torn battle intro? Check.

Characters are high-schoolers? Check.

Mecha and all that? Check.

A-1 Pictures made this anime? …… Check.

This is Qualidea Code.

DirectorKenichi Kawamura

Koushi Tachibana 
(as “Speakeasy”)
Sou Sagara 
(as “Speakeasy”)
Wataru Watari 
(as “Speakeasy”)

MusicTaku Iwasaki

Original Concept:
Koushi Tachibana 
(as “Speakeasy”)
Sou Sagara 
(as “Speakeasy”)
Wataru Watari 
(as “Speakeasy”)

Original Character DesignMatsuryū

Character DesignHisayuki Tabata

Animation ProductionA-1 Pictures

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: This is a world where humanity is always at war with the Unknown. The kids who were evacuated to a cold sleep facility during the initial invasion decades ago wake up from their slumber to find that they’d manifested superpowers called the “World”. To protect Japan from the Unknowns appearing from the Tokyo Bay, these kids would start their own battles at the defensive strongholds of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba.

First Thoughts: Time to get the pillows and covers because most of this put my ass to sleep. Yeah, it’s basically a bunch of dull kids fighting against whatever odds are coming for them and I got that from the show because it didn’t tell me much. I felt like I just watched this a day ago. Oh wait, I did!!! It was Regalia only with more dudes and even dumber characters and a blander story. Oh GOOD!! MORE OF THE SAMEY OTAKU ACTION SCHLOCK.

No…..no…..no…….SKIP THIS. It’s not worth watching or caring all the way.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’m going to sleep.

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