TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2016 Edition: ALDERAMIN on The SKY

Ah, so it’s another anime based off a light novel……OK, it’s not some magic high school bullshit, so it’s cool there. Then again, even if that wasn’t the case, some of them still suck (especially this year with Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash…..yeah, this might go on my worst of list after all) and I don’t know the case for this one……hell, even the name of it sounds like something out of a light novel….or at least one that’s not about incest.

This is Alderamin on the Sky.

DirectorTetsuo Ichimura

Series CompositionShogo Yasukawa

MusicKeiji Inai

Original creatorBokuto Uno

Original Character DesignSanbasō

Character DesignKunio Katsuki

Sound DirectorYoshikazu Iwanami


Animation ProductionMadhouse


Internet StreamingCrunchyroll


Plot Summary: The Katvarna Empire is at war with the neighboring Republic of Kioka. In the Katvarna Empire, the lazy, woman-admiring Ikuta hates war, but due to certain circumstances, he grudgingly takes the High Grade Military Officer Exam. No one would have expected that this 17-year-old young man would eventually become a soldier called a great commander by others. Ikuta survives this world engulfed in war with his superior intellect.

First Thoughts: This……seems rather OK. I mean, there’s nothing about that I hated and the aesthetic of this is decent with this fantasy setting that’s not too high as regularly those type of shows don’t always win me over, but making it worse and slightly eye-rolling (*coughGRIMGARcough*) and I like most of these characters even the main one that some reviewers say he’s mostly an ass but then again, I actually like that about him and the fact the other characters do keep him grounded and how to act right. Let’s just hope they actually have something to do rather than fuck off in an island for the whole series or the majority of it. Animation-wise, MADHOUSE is responsible for the animation of this and it’s one of their more mid-tier decent efforts.

I got to say……I didn’t expect to find it tolerable. I actually thought I was going to hate it although that could change soon.

This is a CONTINUE on a Medium priority.

This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and let’s hope these guys get in some good action.


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