TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2016 Edition: ORANGE

You know, I was going to actually take a look at that other anime, Rewrite……but then once I played the episode, it was 47 minutes for the first episode and 5 minutes in, I wanted out.

And it looks like the anime I was going to look at tomorrow premiered early today.

Damn, Crunchyroll is on fire this summer!

It’s time-traveling time again!!! Only this isn’t to prevent murder. This is Orange.

DirectorHiroshi Hamasaki

Series CompositionYuuko Kakihara

Original creatorIchigo Takano

Character DesignNobuteru Yuki

Sound DirectorYukio Nagasaki

Theme Song PerformanceYuu Takahashi (OP)


Animation Production:
Telecom Animation Film
TMS Entertainment

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: Naho Takamiya is a timid 16-year-old girl. One day, she receives a letter from her future self detailing actions she must take to prevent Kakeru Naruse, the new transfer student, from sinking into depression and taking his own life.

First Thoughts: *reads plot description* Oh, well, I was right. It isn’t to prevent murder but to prevent suicide……..oooh…..well, that’s a little dark especially since this first episode is basically went “Slice Of Life as a motherfucker” from the gathering of friends, playing sports, eating with friends, main girl and guy getting close although you read your letter in the future that he is going to die but TAKING HIS OW– OK. That part with Naho and Kakeru does have its sweet and tender moments as a romance is starting to bond between them and knowing if she can prevent him from doing that. To be honest, without the whole preventing suicide part, this would have been a run of the mill slice of life and I hope that part gets equal opportunity in the show as the SOL stuff.

And now, I determine whether this is either WEEKLY or–

*gets a letter*

“Yeah, you’re going to have to do this bi-weekly or something.”



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and hopefully this won’t end in a cop-out….although it will.


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