MAK Music, Vol. 21 (DJ Paypal Edition)


So………in case you didn’t notice the title, this week’s music selection is dedicated to one artist I have been listening to for some short time. The name is…..DJ Paypal.

Yes, DJ Paypal. He is a footwork producer, which the genre was originated in Chicago during the 1980s that mix the styles of juke and house music and since I’m very experimental when it comes to looking for music, he piques my interest.

That and earlier this summer I posted his AS 2016 Singles Track “Dose” with DJ Taye and DJ Earl and I liked what I heard from him, so along with this week’s AS Singles, I’m putting 4 DJ Paypal songs from his studio album Sold Out that I liked the most. (So half of it……no, really, there is 8 tracks on the album).

SAHNHET – “Short Life”




“WE FINALLY MADE IT” (featuring DJ Earl)

“WITH UUUUUU” (featuring Felonezzy & Jackie Dagger)


If you’re interested for my music tastes beyond, I got a SPOTIFY Account and you can find me on there if you have an account or about to start one yourself.

This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.

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