Blue Hybrid’s Top 10 WORST ANIME OF THE 2000s

You know, most of my time entering the world of anime reviewing, I always get the constant of people saying, “Man, anime isn’t what is used to be back in the day!! Everything after 2010 sucked!! Why can’t we go back to that era!?”

Well………because either you probably outgrown anime by now or you’re too blind to notice that there are some anime before 2010 that sucked.

No, I’m dead serious on that. People really seem to forget that while the 2000s era brought us such unforgettable hit anime like Gurren LagannFullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood – it began in 2009, it counts), Trigun and many others, there is an abundance of anime that much others would like to forget or basically what represented the bottom of the barrel of anime and it’s not just what people deem offensive or basically the easy targets. Its stuff that’s either dull, inoffensive and plain unfunny that never resonated or became left behind as we move on.

Hell, it can be either the most popular, overrated or very underrated that a cult audience might like.

Now, on this list, I have counted shows that either began in between 2000 to 2009. Leftovers from 1999 doesn’t count and yes, if the show ended in the 2010s, it does count as a 2000s show. Also this list is just for TV series and OVAs (not from existing IPs).

And now let’s get it on…….


Hey, boys and girls, you know what time it is?


MUSHI-SHI – 2005-2006 (Fall 2005) – animated by ARTLAND / licensed by FUNIMATION

OK, I’m not going to spend a long time on this so I’ll keep this short. Mushi-shi isn’t a show, it’s a simulation where if you can try and stay awake for most of it and considering before dropping it, I watched over 19 episodes of this and most of it these stories and the one-episode characters are unnecessary as it tells the same story over and over and it gets less interesting as it goes. Not to mention, just because a show is calming doesn’t mean it’s going to be good as most of its moments will drift you to sleep. A good show is supposed to make you keep your eyes on it, not fall into an eternal slumber not remembering a damn thing about or make you wish you were doing something else.

I would say after the first season went on SAVE Edition for Funi and they obviously didn’t get the 2nd season with Aniplex USA getting it and so far, no physical release of it yet meant the show isn’t as popular as people “thought” it was the first time. This isn’t an underrated hit, it’s an overrated underrated show that has nothing to offer beyond its first episode.


Yeah, this is another show people kinda like and I just thought it was a waste of time…..

MORIBITO: GUARDIAN OF THE SPIRIT – 2007 (Spring 2007) – animated by PRODUCTION I.G. / licensed by VIZ MEDIA (formerly Geneon and Media Blasters)

The show should’ve been called MEDIOCRE. Now with shows like this being about a journey, it should be something worth more than the destination but here…..I rather them get there quick because this journey is a massive drag and the sad thing is there is good things about the show like Balsa, the main female character who is a strong lead throughout but she’s dealt with a slog of a road trip and bland and slightly annoying characters and the animation isn’t too bad here but nothing worth writing home about.

I think people just gave this good praise because it wasn’t another shonen martial arts series. OK, I get that but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be good. This and Mushi-Shi makes that point bar none.

There are some things that really needed to be left alone………

NINJA SCROLL: THE SERIES – 2003 (Spring 2003) – animated by MADHOUSE / licensed by URBANVISION

OK…..who the hell are crying for a Ninja Scroll TV series? You remember the 1993 movie that was considered one of the classics when it comes to anime movies from the 1990s and you should probably check out that movie any time…….the series you can skip because this show is bad from the choppy and awful animation especially from the action scenes to the bad character designs (Jubei looks like a buffed-up Aladdin) along with the bland and grating side characters to the bad dub and that awful, awful, awful background music. It sounds like ’90s grunge shit that was on its way out or already out since it came out in 2003!!! And story wise, it’s about as plain as it can be.

I think this show is very out of print and it should stay that way. Most people forgot about this show and for good reason. It felt like nothing from the movie and even on its own, it’s still garbage.

7In 2002, legendary studios Gainax and Shaft collaborated for the first time and made Mahoromatic, which I considered to be a decent show with a likable lead and interesting storyline……2 years later, in the Spring season……..they made the opposite of that.

THIS UGLY YET BEAUTIFUL WORLD – 2004 (Spring 2004) – animated by GAINAX/SHAFT / licensed by AeSIR HOLDINGS

If there is any anime that is just as corny and annoying as this, it’s this one by a large margin. You found an alien girl (well, 2 later on) and yet nothing else happens….or nothing interesting happens. It’s basically a love triangle story because his cousin (yes, cousin, I know it’s a normal thing in Japan. Still doesn’t make it less awkward and creepy) is developing feelings for him and he might be in love with alien girl. That’s basically what it is and while they were some good elements, it’s overshadowed by the bad or abysmally insipid essentials.

Now I would’ve liked this if the relationships was worth investing in (like Kiznaiver is…) but unfortunately, it made me want to forego that horseshit to the end.

People call this bulllshit a “masterpiece”. No, really, they call this a masterpiece…….well, it is one alright. A master piece of—

ELFEN LIED – 2004 (Summer 2004) – animated by ARMS / licensed by AeSIR HOLDINGS

People love saying this is the best series because it has a lot of shock value behind it. Lots of blood and gore and violent imagery shown throughout the series with heads and bodies being torn apart and no one (not even children in here) is safe. However, that’s all the show has going for it. It’s shock value central but it doesn’t handle it right or has the maturity of an Eli Roth movie or a direct-to-DVD movie sequel of an Eli Roth movie.

Otherwise, most of the story is shit and the rest of the characters are just as bad, especially Kouta and his cousin with the the stupid incest ‘I’m in love with my cousin’ trait. (Once again, don’t care if Japan likes it.) Want shows that actually handle this better? EVA, Berserk, Hunter X Hunter – better shows than this one!

However, there is one thing that saves it from being the bottom of the barrel and it’s that glorious theme song.


I’m surprised this isn’t higher on the list……actually, no, there’s something worth it near the end. Also, nice boat.
SCHOOL DAYS – 2007 (Summer 2007) – animated by TNK / licensed by DISCOTEK MEDIA

I heard people try defend this show for being more than what it really is, mainly the ending and while that ending may be the best damn thing about the show because seeing Makoto, this asshole of a character gets what was coming to him near the end along with that bitch Sekai, the show is still a pain to get through.

From the annoying and douchebag-ish characters and the fact they want us to feel sorry for the guy.

Really? Poor Makoto, who has to keep secret of the girls he’s fucking behind his innocent girlfriend’s back. Man, fuck him!!! I’m supposed to feel bad for the guy fucking more women than I am? Uh….no….

In short, this show is a lesson in anime, writing and life that if you cheat with a bunch of women……prepare to be fucked over. BADLY!

4I still don’t know what the fuck happen in this show.


For real……what the hell was going on with this show? So it’s about some girl fighting because……I don’t know……she’s always fighting people and shit.

Plus, boobs. Ripped clothes. Some other girl who wants to be friends with main girl. Some tournament and…

FUCK IT!!! I don’t know what the fuck went on with this OVA and if the show doesn’t care to explain this shit, then why should I? This is a cluster fuck of a series that doesn’t stick, has bad animation courtesy of ARMS (Elfen Lied says HI!) and yes, this dub is bad.

And I was close to add Ikki Tousen to this list but at least the show knows that it is in the end. This however…..well, it’s so bad, it makes people who usually torture themselves with bad anime regret this.

I would call this disturbing but this is more irritating and head-scratching.

KANOKON – 2008 (Spring 2008) – animated by XEBEC / licensed by MEDIA BLASTERS

I know people like to say there’s good eechi series on there and while I find eechi as a genre boring as shit, there has been some interesting series but this one is NOT IT!!
This shit is annoying!!!!! And mostly creepy!!!

It’s basically all the bad and annoying things about eechi thrown in there with insufferable characters and the fact these two girls want to love—nope, FUCK this guy—scratch that again, BOY because the dude looks like he’s eight! Now, I’ll be honest, I’ll be thrilled if two girls fight over me or want to do the things those two want to do with him but the problem with this is they are trying to pass it out as romantic.


This doesn’t spell romantic!! It spells creepy and unsettling and on a comedic note, unfunny as it goes on. WE GET IT! This big-titty fox girl has the hots for this little kid! It was cute as first but that was the first 5….seconds…after that, it stopped being CUTE!! This is the problem I have with shows like this. It basically treats you like the lonely fuck you are with no clever writing or anyone likable at all, especially that one character who scolds the boy for letting the shit continue.

This would’ve been better as a hentai……hell, the way shit happens here, it should’ve been one.


And speaking of shows that should’ve been a hentai instead…..

EIKEN – 2003-2004 – animated by J.C. Staff / licensed by MEDIA BLASTERS

We get it. You like boobs. I like boobs. Many of us like boobs but damn, there is a thing called ‘too much of a good thing’ and guess what? THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE!!

You know that this show is the first thing I reviewed when starting this whole anime reviewing thing. I made a mistake.
All I can say about this is ‘why?’

Why does the plot involve around this dweeb trying to impress this dopey girl with tits bigger than my head? Why is the Eiken club a thing? Why are people bungee jumping in there? Why is there bobbing for chocolate bananas? Why is there a POOL OF JIZ—Oh, sorry, I mean, “yogurt”? AND WHY IS THERE AN 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL WITH TIG ‘OL BITTIES!?!

It’s a good thing this is a 2-episode OVA because if this was 10 more episodes, I would’ve stopped reviewing for a long time. I get you want to escape into your fantasies and all but there’s a difference between that and hallucination and this is the latter. You want something good with eechi? Desert Punk, Sekirei, Daphne in The Brilliant Blue, Monster Musume…..those are good titles with some eechi elements in them. Don’t go to shit like Eiken.

And before we get to #1, here are some dis-honorable mentions that manages to miss the list……

GHOST SLAYERS AYASHI – 2006-2007 (Fall 2006) – animated by BONES / licensed by ANIPLEX USA

I said in my review that the voices of Steve Blum, Crispin Freeman and Stephanie Sheh couldn’t save this series. I stand by that. Good god, this show was dull as shit.

MEZZO DSA – 2004 (Summer 2004) – animated by ARMS / licensed by AeSIR HOLDINGS

I didn’t hate the show at first but this just feels like a sanitized version of the OVA and while there was a connection to the OVA, it felt like a blur. It came and left. Not worth seeking out to watch, just get the OVA instead.

WITCHBLADE – 2004 (Spring 2004) – animated by GONZO / licensed by FUNIMATION ENTERTAINMENT

*still snoring*
*still continues to snore*
You basically get what I’m saying about this one, right?
*back to sleep*
If not, then this show is awful……ly boring.

IKKI TOUSEN – 2003 – animated by J.C. Staff / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment (formerly Geneon)

Yeah, I thought about putting this on the list because this schtick of clothes wearing off will get old real fast but I didn’t because it’s basically made for guys that really enjoyed stuff like this. It doesn’t mean the show suck less.


Oh, this is basically my #11 mainly because it reminds me of another bad anime from the same guy and speaking of that……..


I’ve been doing anime reviewing for almost 5 years and I have watched some bad anime from Sword Art Online to Akame Ga Kill to even stuff like Kanokon and Eiken but here…….the #1 anime I’m about to reveal is the worst of them all…..

This is bottom of the barrel here……..the worst thing to exist in anime and if you follow me on Twitter or read my stuff, then you should already know what show I’m bringing up.

LOVE HINA (basically everything from the show, OVAs and that damn manga) – 2000 – animated by XEBEC / licensed by FUNIMATION ENTERTAINMENT

If there is any show I have infinite venom for, it is definitely Love Hina. This is a prime example of a terrible anime and even after 15-16 years after it debut, it was terrible then and it’s terrible now.

Oh, what do I begin?

The crappy contrived comedy where Keitaro accidentally sees one of the girls in undress and beat the shit out of him. That happens in every episode and the joke will get old along with him putting in these scenarios where he ends up being the butt of the joke.

Oh, the romance! THAT FUCKING ROMANCE between him and that unlikable painful bitch known as Naru. I swear this ch—NO, I’m calling her for what she is. A BITCH!!! This BITCH is the most unlikable female character I have ever witnessed. The show portrays her as being intelligent but she’s just as a fucking moron as her dumb-ass friends. She never hears Keitaro out and just beats the fuck out of him.

Why do you want me to sympathize with her? WHY?! Because her beating some defenseless dork is funny? She’s a caring and insightful character? NO! FUCK THAT! Naru is a pure dreadful capital B-I-T-C-H and what’s worse is that most romantic anime looks at this character as inspiration or at least have some similarities to her.

Example being Infinite Stratos with the lead female Houki Shinonono and yeah, she sucks just as much as Naru.

OK, all the other characters are just as bad and I don’t care if those two get together or not. All I know is this is painful to watch when reviewing it the first time and it still is once remembering it. Man, fuck this anime up its own unfunny ass and Ken Akamatsu is a terrible writer!!

YOU KNOW WHAT!? Looking back at these anime and how awful and boring they are, I’m glad things aren’t like the 2000s era anymore. While we still got trash anime today, at least it’s not as heinous as those titles I just mentioned.

Yes, I will acknowledge that we do have good stuff from the 2000s like Afro Samurai, Michiko & Matchin, Toradora and many others that I love with all my heart and I can’t imagine life without seeing them.

Life without seeing Love Hina though…….it’s a better one.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and don’t get too caught up on nostalgia!

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