WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 21: Episode 32 – ROOMS


So, yeah, once again, this is a delayed recap of last week’s We Bare Bears and why is this now showing up instead of last week?

In short, personal things got in the way yada yada yada….now I got free time to catch up and good thing I’ve watched it beforehand so let’s get it on with this.Screenshot 2016-04-28 16.32.40

The Bears switch bedrooms for the night and get a glimpse of the living space of one of their brothers. But the deeper they go, hidden secrets are revealed.

Ah, I remember when me and my siblings switch bedrooms for the night.  But then I remember unlike the bears, I had sisters so that ends similarities with what I had.

So Panda goes into Grizz’s room, Ice Bear in Panda’s room and Grizz in Ice Bear’s room, mainly because Panda was in the bathroom too damn long and cause a power outage which made Ice Bear’s fridge not working.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 16.32.11

Yeah, Grizz’s room is pretty much what my room used to be….or still is. A messy-ass room with fur, garbage and things you might step in everywhere. Just be lucky that this is a show on Cartoon Network…..you would be worse if it was on another network.  Panda finds a (crappy-made) cheap 70s’-style movie Grizz did called Crowbar Jones and in it, he made Panda pretty much a bitch…..or himself but made to look like a bitch.
Ice Bear went into Panda’s laptop and he looked into his private stuff and see photos of him along with the three brothers together and then there’s him and Grizz……without Ice Bear.

Ice Bear is pissed naturally.

And for Grizz, he found a secret room that Ice Bear has been keeping a special-made toilet for himself.

Dude, why would there be a fountain where you shit at?
Dude, why would there be a fountain where you shit at?

Of course they find out and get rightfully pissed at each other, the toilet breaks, flooding the room and then they all drowned. The end.



Not really. They were fine and they learned a thing or so about each other’s private moments and all that stuff.

Eh, this one is the typical good quality of the show with the usual gags and funny moments with the characters and all, although I do feel like there was some shit that could’ve been avoided but then again, that argument won’t help since this episode would’ve happen. Oh, and Panda? Next time if you had to switch rooms, take your laptop with you and don’t write your password on your desk. At least keep them memorized in your head.

It gets a B-Screenshot 2016-04-28 16.32.01

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and no, really, don’t write your password on your desk.

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