TIME OF THE SEASON Spring 2016 Edition: Concrete REVOLUTIO Season 2 – The Last SONG

So, last fall, I remember they were 2 anime series about superheroes that were airing around that time. One Punch Man and Concrete Revolutio. One show I immediately was loving at the first episode and the other were……..I don’t know how to wrap or follow this story. And guess what? Deja vu only this time it’s My Hero Academia with season 2 of Concrete Revolutio titled The Last Song.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Watchmen the Anim–I mean, Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song.

DirectorSeiji Mizushima

Series CompositionShou Aikawa

Original creatorShou Aikawa

Original Character Design:
Hekiru Hikawa
Noizi Ito
Ryō Hirao

Character DesignYoshiyuki Ito

Chief Animation DirectorYoshiyuki Ito

Sound DirectorMasafumi Mima


Animation ProductionBONES

Internet StreamingFUNimation Entertainment /  Daisuki

Plot Summary: In the wake of Jiro’s defection from the Superhuman Bureau, Japan’s restrictions on superhuman activities have only tightened. Now Kikko, Emi, and the other members of the bureau work directly with the military, developing new weapons of control while disrupting student protests. Detective Raito Shiba has joined the bureau as well, but his own desire to enforce the law is being thoroughly tested by the demands of an oppressive age. Jiro still lurks in the shadows, with his true goals unclear as the pursuit of justice becomes ever more clouded.

First Thoughts: OK, I might have exaggerated about how convoluted the show can be in the first season although I do stand my point on how the show wants to be a superhero / mecha / magical girl / mystery / action / whatever anime that trying to follow it all the way through just puts some strain on the ‘ol noggin. We know that the team introduced in the first season has now split into two opposing sides on Japan’s tightening around superhuman restrictions. So, an anime version of Civil War? Yeah, I’m still trying to get this but I’m only human…..well, human and a hybrid but y’all already know that. Animation is still unique as the way BONES envision it from the first series and the music is decent at best but as far as this for me, I’ll keep viewing it but I don’t think it’s going to wow me.

This is going to be CONTINUE BI-WEEKLY and yes, like last season, I know I’m going to like the other superhero anime more because I can follow it coherently.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’m going to be called names because of this, am I?


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