WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 20: Episode 31 – Ranger TABES


OK………Yeah, I realize this is late because I was out of town the whole week and yes, I have gotten lazy this particular week although I made those TIME OF THE SEASON entries fast and quick.

Anyway, a new We Bare Bears came this week after the break we got the other week and hopefully after the last episode (yeah, still didn’t like that one), this one can be funny.

Screenshot 2016-04-03 20.35.57 Screenshot 2016-04-03 20.36.17 Screenshot 2016-04-03 20.36.21

And I thought people told me my room looked like a mess.

In order to locate a missing package, the bears seek help from Ranger Tabes, who has an overbearing sense of justice.


Obvious joke is obvious.
I hope that’s less than you-know-who for a year.

So who is Ranger Tabes? Well, she happens to be the closest ranger to the bears who will help them out and boy, she really has an overzealous duty of finding out what happened to their package.  Of course, all the bears want is just to get a refund and end it there but they can see that Tabes just want to do the right thing by helping them and later on, they change their minds and she’s back in the game.Screenshot 2016-04-03 20.41.10 Screenshot 2016-04-03 20.41.36

They eventually find out who did it and it is…..

Sentient drones!!!
Sentient drones!!!

I KNEW IT!! I knew drones would someday rise up to take over the planet and make the humans (and bears) their slaves and—- Wait, now I’ve gone overboard with this.

So they got their present, they congratulate Tabes and all and it looks like them and her could become good friends after this.


Screenshot 2016-04-03 20.44.55

This episode turned out to be a decent one and I did like the way they have Tabes as someone who just wants to do the right thing in an impulsive way that doesn’t make her unlikable. She’s just a ranger that wants to do her job right and make sure the people she’s helping get their property found. Hell, if she makes another appearance here, I wouldn’t mind it actually. Oh, and I like the idea of sentient drones…….someone should make something out of that. Well, someone competent of doing it.

Anyway, this episode gets a B.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, reminding you to make sure your drones don’t take your packages.


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