TIME OF THE SEASON Spring 2016 Edition – Mayoiga (The Lost Village)

You know I was on vacation this week (well, sorta….I’m out of state at the time of this writing) and I’m thinking about this show in particular…..

Stuck with 30 people on a bus going to some village…….a LOST village…

This is Mayoiga (The Lost Village).

DirectorTsutomu Mizushima

Series CompositionMari Okada

MusicMasaru Yokoyama

Character DesignNaomi Ide

ArtYukihiro Shibutani

Chief Animation Director:
Masakazu Ishikawa
Mayuko Matsumoto
Naomi Ide
Yoshino Honda

Sound DirectorTsutomu Mizushima

Director of Photography: Yasuyuki Itou

Animation Productiondiomedea

DistributorPonycan USA

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: 30 young men and women come together on a shady bus tour. The tour’s destination: an illusive, possibly nonexistent village called Nanakimura. In Nanakimura, one can lead a utopian existence, free of the world’s obstacles, or so it was rumored, like an urban legend.

First Thoughts: I can definitely see the mystery of the show being titillating with this village they are heading to and knowing some of these characters on here, although I think trying to cover 30 CHARACTERS!! May not be the best feat for this show as some of you (and me) may not remember every character on here. You might know the few main ones but that’s it…sorta like Assassination Classroom minus Koro-Sensei. I can tell the mystery is going to be a slow-burning one and that can work out in its favor. Weekly though? I’m not sure at that.

I’ll keep my eyes on this one but it’s going to be a CONTINUE ON A LOW-MEDIUM PRIORITY.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, reminding you that I check where I was going before doing it.

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