WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 19: Episode 30 – Nom Nom’s ENTOURAGE


Hey, it’s a NOM NOM episode this week. Remember him?

The Koala Bear you think is the cutest and innocent creature in any viral video but outside of that is actually a egotistical jerk putting on a facade?

Oh look, it's mini-Ashton Kutcher minus Trucker hat.
Oh look, it’s mini-Ashton Kutcher minus Trucker hat.

Nom Nom recruits the bears to act as his entourage of friends, but the bears quickly realize that Nom Nom does not understand friendship.

So basically through the course of this episode, Nom Nom encounters another viral video personality named Andy Bangs (Really?) and all he does is annoys the hell out of people by jumping out of random places and scaring a lot of people. Yeah, he’s a jerk, too.Screenshot 2016-03-18 15.01.06

After Bangs said that Nom Nom’s entourage was weak, he got one in the form of the bears and of course with that, Nom Nom treats them like shit but eventually the bears taught him how to be a better friend and all that stuff. Of course, that was in the middle of Nom Nom planning revenge on Bangs because he was humiliated earlier and then in the club later on, he actually gets his revenge although he used the bears for that. They are pissed at him as expected but he doesn’t care as he dumps them off home and deletes his pics of them off his phone……but does he have a soft spot for them after all?

Hey, it's more interesting the show Entourage.
Hey, it’s more interesting than the show Entourage.

Yeah…….I’m very mixed on this one. To me, this was one of the weakest episodes of the series so far and I’ve been thinking about its ending for a while. Yeah, Andy Bangs was an annoying little brat that needed his just desserts but after all that went on, I felt a weird feeling.
Yeah, Nom Nom got his revenge and all but why should I care? Nom Nom is back to being that asshole we know and love but I felt like I wanted one more thing to happen to him…..but then again, it already happen with Bangs (twice) in the beginning so…..yay for him?Screenshot 2016-03-18 15.04.04

Also, I find that whole “Teach Nom Nom friendship” part almost pointless. I mean, there was a glimpse in the end where it’s like maybe he does like them as friends yet it would’ve been a drag to change Nom Nom that drastically. Will it be brought up again in future episodes? Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Am I being thinking too hard on a show with bears that are 11 minutes each week?

I might say ‘yes’ on the latter two. Objectively, it’s not awful or unwatchable but to me, it’s one I’m not going to re-watch any time soon. Oh, and on a positive note, Bo Burnham as Andy Bangs did a decent performance on here.

Yeah, this gets a…….C-. Be lucky, it almost got a D.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…….yeah, I got no phrase this week. I’ll be watching Season 2 of Daredevil for the rest of the week.


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