WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 17: Episode 28 – Slumber PARTY


What to do when you stuck in your friend’s house during a storm?

Especially when your friend happens to be THREE TALKING BEARS and yes, this is a Chloe episode in case you were wondering.

Your parents learning how Skype works.
Your parents learning how Skype works.

A thunderstorm forces Chloe to spend the night at the bear’s cave. When Chloe’s parents tell the bears to make sure she stays safe, they go a bit overboard.

So, it’s a very simple episode with storm coming in (well, with rain and hail) and of course, they weren’t going to send Chloe home during that mess so she stayed with the bears until it passes. They have some fun here and there and things get spooky when Chloe tells a ghost story about a slug monster and the bears get scared, especially Ice Bear and man, he was scared straight in the episode.

"I wonder if Ice Bear tasted Four-Loko."
“I wonder if Ice Bear tasted Four-Loko.”

Don’t believe me? Swim Squad contributor cedric_alpha says different:

Hell, Chloe was more brave in the episode than the bears. Once again, Ced….

wbb scap18

Oh, and it was a little raccoon that they were afraid of……at first. Then the real threat shows up and…it’s Chloe’s dad, who was really worried about her like any parent would but the rest was handled naturally. Also it shows that while the Bears and her parents think Chloe is just their little precious cinnamon roll in the world, she can handle herself in any scary situation even when the situation isn’t that scary to begin with although she did get scared a bit near the end. Overall, this was another funny episode with its moments here and there….

Ice Bear Not Afr-- *smashes*
Ice Bear Not Afr– *smashes*

Well, like this one. Plus, we already knew if it’s storming outside, we know better to stay our asses inside and there’s no slug monster.

Plus, this seems more enjoyable than any horror movie from last and probably this year.

This is an A-

wbb scap14

So this has been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and beware of slug monsters……or Ice Bear smashing your mirrors.

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