WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 16: Episode 27 – Yard SALE


We are back with WE BARE-CAP BEARS and just in time for the start of Season 2!

Yes, Season 2 has begun and what adventures do our three bears face within this season?


Ice Bear: "Ice Bear might need Weight Watchers."
Ice Bear: “Ice Bear might need Weight Watchers.”

…..Wait, no, come back!! This one is actually funny! It makes an standard funny episode and all that ja– I should just say what this episode is about.

Panda: "This could a dream date.....or me being catfished. Again."
Panda: “This could a dream date…..or me being catfished. Again.”

A box full of free stuff the bears find at a yard sale send each of them on their own adventure.

First, with Grizz, he gets these Hulk-Smash like hand gloves and uses to smash a lot of stuff but then realizes that doesn’t work too well in the end since he couldn’t get them off and when it tries to do regular stuff, people feel threaten by him.

Although I will admit (and most of will, too) that you thought of the idea of ONE PUNCH BEAR.

With Panda, he gets an old camera phone (something you might see in the mid-2000s) and it looks like Panda might be going on a date tonight with a mysterious person calling him. First off, why would you instantly go out with someone you never met before?
And no, this isn’t a blind date….and then I realize Panda is desperate for some lovin’ so that’s out of the window.

Oh, and Ice Bear got some videos, particularity a workout tape for pregnant women and as usual, Ice Bear’s part of the story is always entertaining.

"Ice Bear feels impending motherhood nearby."
“Ice Bear feels impending motherhood nearby.”

If I had to rate whose mini-adventure was interesting, Grizz and Ice Bear’s would be on top, of course, because the hilarity of pregnant workouts and cursed Hulk-hands easily outmatched Panda’s case of……some girl thinking she want to go out with him, only to find out it’s the same woman from the yard sale and she meant that for her husband…..oh, did I mention she was pregnant at the near end of the episode?


But, hey, still had a good laugh at the episode and that’s what counts. This gets the grade of B+

A fine way to start the new season and hopefully that’s more where that comes from.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and……One Punch Man Season 2 could be better with bears in it. Just sayin’

wbb scap12


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