WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 15: Episode 26 – Charlie Ball


*sleeps then wakes up*

Huh, what?

Wait, a new episode of We Bare Bears is on this week? After 3 months of their hibernation (heh heh, get it?), we get some new episodes from them. Well, this week anyway but they will be back on February 25th for the Season 2 premiere.

Now onto this episode called Charlie Ball.

What is this one about?WBB scap5

WBB scap4
Ice Bear: “Ice Bear could’ve been in Harlem Globetrotters.”

After Panda gets hurt, the Bears invite Charlie to be on their team, but Charlie ruins the fun of the game.

WBB scap7
Charlie looks like he’s in the crack game.

Yeah…..this is another Tote Life kind of episode for me. Meaning while it’s not horrible, I didn’t felt anything that funny into it. The episode does deal with once again Charlie trying to hide from the public (cuz he’s BIGFOOT or something) but gets caught up in whatever the bears are doing, like playing basketball with these kids and yes, I know that they are voiced by actual NBA players mainly because Cartoon Network was doing a night of new episodes of their shows featuring them (LeBron James went on Teen Titans Go!) and they sound weird to me at first. Then again, as a kid, most people I know that age got a deeper voice so it didn’t phase me that much. Of course, Charlie does well playing in Panda’s place and it gets into his big head that he’s the new hot shit but eventually Panda is going to hail and we all know where that headed if you seen past Charlie episodes.

I really didn’t have much expectations going to this episode and for what I got, it’s serviceable. It was the usual standard episode of We Bare Bears but once again, not one I would recommend to people as the best.

I would give it a C-

That was another recap for you…..well, for the first time since November and more will come out in two weeks. I’m MAK2.0 aka Blue Hybrid, and can you still I’m not a sports fan at all.

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