Time of the Season WINTER 2016 Edition: SEKKO Boys

Wait, this is an idol anime? Sculptures of  Greek Gods? Something I don’t want to cover…..man, f– Oh, only 8 minutes an episode?

I’ll give it a shot then.

This is Sekko Boys.

DirectorTomoki Takuno

Series CompositionMichiko Yokote

Character DesignEriko Itō

Chief Animation DirectorEriko Itō

Animation Production

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

Plot Summary: A unit of four stone figures — the military saint and group leader Saint Giorgio, history’s original celebrity Medici, the strikingly handsome and multi-talented Hermes, and the god of war Mars who is earnest about love — who become idiosyncratic idols. The story depicts their efforts to make it in the entertainment world with their female manager Miki Ishimoto, who just graduated from college.

First Thoughts: Yeah, I’m keeping this short since….well, this is a short but yeah, it’s fine and weird thinking about Greek Gods as Japanese Idol singers and the comedy is OK, especially with the main character’s dislike of sculptures and the first reveal of them to her as well. Animation is also fine as well and same can be said about the music. Yeah, it’s little but that’s a good thing.But does it mean every Friday morning, I’ll get to this as fast as possible?

Not really.

This is more of a WAIT TO MARATHON like when you have nothing else to do but kill some time before the show you want to see is on. OK stuff, though.

See, told you this was short.

Anyway, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I need to see if the local museum got some singing sculptures.


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