Time of the Season WINTER 2016 Edition: DIVINE Gate

Divine Gate, huh?

Sounds like something exciting and adventurous we’re getting into with a name like that.

That and I’m also very interested in sci-fi/cyberpunk/cyber crime stuff like this.  Bring it on, Divine Gate, I’m ready for ya!!!

DirectorNoriyuki Abe

Series CompositionNatsuko Takahashi

MusicTakumi Ozawa

Character Design:
Cindy H. Yamauchi
Ichiro Uno

Animation ProductionPierrot

Internet StreamingFUNimation Entertainment

Licensed byFUNimation Entertainment


Plot Summary: No one knows when, where, or how “the gate” was created; furthermore, no one can see, touch, or access it. However, when “the gate” is opened, realms of mortals, fairies, and daemons collide, destroying world orders. While leaders of three realms try to restore orders, some talented and capable mortals begin to approach the gate, now known as “Divine Gate.” Yet no one has reached the Gate and returned, however.

First Thoughts:  I……don’t know what the hell to make of this. I don’t think the introduction was bad but it does come off as uninspired and routine. You got yourself an decent concept going on here but it doesn’t gel well at the first try especially with the main character, who’s more of the typical lackluster emo character in your ‘edgy’ anime and he seems so maudlin that is dull. I hope the show could get better from there and hopefully be decent as least.

Hell, since this is up for a Broadcast Dub, I would say WAIT FOR A DUB….you might like it like that instead of Japanese language.

Anyway, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and this is why I own a car and not take public transportation.


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