Anime Discovery: The BEST and WORST of 2015!

So, the end of the year comes here again in Anime Discovery.

And thankfully, I’m here to say that….this is an overall improvement from last year and as usual, it has the best stuff in here and also the worst piles of garbage, here, too. Plus, going over some of the highlights in anime this year as well.

Grab the popcorn, get the liquor and let’s roll with going back to…..

Winter 2015

So……..I have noticed that people really liked Kunihiko Ikuhara has notable fans as his latest anime Yuri Kuma Arashi and the abundance of praise the show has gotten from many anime critics, specifically on Anime News Network and The Fandom Post…..however, I’m not one of those people. I liked the show just fine but after reviewing Penguindrum and Sailor Moon R this year, my opinion of the guy lowered a bit. I don’t think of him as this amazing influential and insightful director everyone is thinking….he’s just another Akiyuki Shinbo, who gets too caught up in his style and overindulging in metaphors and overcomplicate things rather than actually tell a compelling story along with some useful metaphors.
Then there’s Maria the Virgin Witch, another people that a lot of people loved that season….and yet another one I can’t get into that much. Once again, not a bad show but nothing I would re-watch again.

The leftovers from the previous fall season like Parasyte and Garo were mostly underwhelming but still remain to be watchable. Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Was a surprise that it made a concept of magical boys seem fun and hilarious….and the fact it did a better job at that than Sailor Moon Crystal. Oh and speaking of doing things better than, Death Parade actually has a way of being profound and deep but still be entertaining unlike Mushi-Shi. Oh, and Durarara!!x2 (or the first arc of the second season, Sho) has been a fun ride for the first of three arcs.

Oh yeah…Tokyo Ghoul Root A….I can take or leave it. Assassination Classroom was also another fun treat for the winter although it did start out slow at first but then turned out pretty great.

And finally, I have gotten into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure…yes, I like it now!!! Maybe not as much as most of you but it’s still a good show nevertheless.

Oh, and fuck Absolute Duo and Aldnoah.Zero Season 2. Duo was absolute light novel garbage only made to pander to the lowest spectrum of anime fandom and whoever says that stare is cute… lying. A.Z.S2 is now what I consider my greatest disappointment of 2014 and my worst one in 2015. It had the potential to be a good mecha show but it was completely squandered.


  1. Death Parade
  2. Durarara!!x2 Sho
  3. Cute High Earth Defense Club Love
  4. Assassination Classroom
  5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle in Egypt


  1. Absolute Duo
  2. Aldnoah.Zero Season 2

Spring 2015

Last year, I’ve said that Spring was the worst season for anime that year with mostly forgettable, awful and lackluster titles like Mushi-Shi, Mahouka among others but this year…..was not so bad. Granted, compared to other seasons this year, spring was last but not as far from greatness.

The helping of Blood Blockade Battlefront, Ninja Slayer and My Love Story cemented the spotlight of the season by being titles that can grasp from its episodic feel that spawns into more within its characters (BBB), make a sweet romantic story which gets them together quick and develops it from there (Love Story) or just be a silly, exciting romp with limited animation (Ninja Slayer) despite many people giving it low grades mostly because of its animation style.

Which is why I pissed off at that and yet people showered Sound! Euphonium with love when that anime is boring as hell!!! It looks pretty but that’s all it got going for it!!
Not to mention it’s overly dramatic and it’s nothing but first world moe girl problems!! I don’t give a shit about this high school band shit, especially with sad-face moe girl #1.
Oh, but wait!! There’s also Seraph of the End and I’m saying this for both seasons that this is basically why I avoid most shonen and what I fear Attack on Titan would’ve been since this is made by the same studio, Wit Studio. A show that tries too hard to be dark and edgy and while it’s unintentional funny moments and one character (Shinoa) are the best thing of the show, it’s pure shonen garbage and not for the better.

Oh, yeah, RIN-NE, Gunslinger Stratos and Punchline are also things and to sum it up:
RIN-NE made me realize that Rumiko Takahashi is overrated as a writer; Gunslinger Stratos is so bad, it made me forget I was watching that show and you probably did, too and Punchline…..has a good idea but instead it revolves around a guy who might end the world whenever we sees a panty shot….oh, and it was released in the 10th Anniversary of noitanimA…….yeah, isn’t that some shit? Too bad the show was.

Oh, and Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works came back. It was decent. There you go and if you’re wondering why I didn’t say nothing about Triage X…..well, I personally forgot about that anime and I bet you did, too.


  1. My Love Story
  2. Blood Blockade Battlefront
  3. Ninja Slayer
  4. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works


  1. RIN-NE
  2. Gunslinger Stratos
  3. Punchline
  4. Seraph of the End (both seasons)

Highlights from jan. to june

  • The FUNimation Broadcast Dub initiative expanded across 10 Broadcast dubs in its first run along with a block every Wednesday night with new dubs of the season’s running shows along with DubbleTalk, a stream talk show in collaboration with ScrewAttack Entertainment to discuss the latest episode of said dubs (much like The Talking Dead or Talking Bad)
  • Speaking of broadcast dub, Aniplex of America has decided to follow suit with dubbing DURARARA!!x2 as well.
  • The Toonami block at Adult Swim has experienced a 3-hour cut from the block, only airing at 12am-3:30 am and while it was a loss, what we gained from it is new premieres of anime such as Kill La Kill, Sword Art Online 2, Michiko & Hatchin and best of all, Sentai Filmworks has finally entered the fray with Akame ga Kill
    and Parasyte.

    Summer 2015

Now summer has the biggest improvement this year as I personally believe that this was the most interesting season of anime in 2015. Most people have their doubts about what was to be good or bad but thankfully it turned out for the better.

Also it’s the most polarizing… least, for me.

On one hand, from the moment I saw Gangsta. Based on the previews and the first episode, I knew that this is one of those anime that is definitely going to be on the top of my ‘Best of’ list and that’s despite the bad ending it got while others aren’t really that keen on it. Some find it OK and others have their faults with deviating from the manga a bit.

On the other hand, people really loved Prison School, saying that the show has some smart humor about these 5 boys being trapped and beaten daily in prison (in a school) by these 3 crazy women…, on the other hand….I’m not that crazy about it and the execution doesn’t really seem that smart or that funny. Didn’t hate it (one friend of mine really hated it) but it seemed like something so-so that why should I give a shit about it?
Oh, School-Live was a thing, too, and while it was another moe school-girl show, at least this one has a good premise about them surviving the zombie apocalypse and an OK execution. You know, something KyoAni can’t do right (and yes, me dissing KyoAni is not going to stop anytime soon).

Another thing with this season is….I have found a fantasy show that actually stuck with me this year (and is coming back in January, along with a broadcast dub) and it’s Snow White with the Red Hair and it’s about time as the show genuinely got me invested in this character, Shirayuki (a very pretty name by the name) as a well-crafted character who can handle herself in most situations when it comes organically. Oh, and the romance was nice, too, and also natural as well.

Durarara!!x2 returned with Ten (the second arc of the second season) and managed to improve over the first season and kept the intensity and excitement and I can’t wait to see how it ends in the winter season. Also Gatchaman Crowds Insight……still good as the first season was and I still love Hajime and the new character Tsubasa as well. Monster Musume was a definite surprise of me since it managed to be an eechi show with various monster girls wanting the attention of this guy and be funny. I’m shocked at that because not too many shows can do that well.

For shows that are dull as shit…..Rokka is one of them and possibly the reason why most fantasy-set shows are dogshit. Overlord is another anime set in an online game and surprise, Madhouse made it and it is just as lame as their other show No Game No Life and really…..people give Log Horizon shit, calling it boring….that wasn’t a damn good thing about this show but hell, that isn’t even the worst show.

God Eater…….wow that show is bland as shit. Another show trying to be the next hyped-up Attack on Titan-like show and I said it before that even Seraph was better than this. Bland characters, dull fights and really ugly looking animation. I know people like ufotable because of how well they animated Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: UBW but once again, good animation does not always equals good storytelling!!!


  1. Gangsta.
  2. Snow White with the Red Hair
  3. Durarara!!x2 Ten
  4. Gatchaman Crowds Insight
  5. Monster Musume


  1. God Eater
  2. Overlord
  3. Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Fall 2015

Fall season has come and it only means one thing…….

That’s right, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

One Punch Man has finally arrived to us one October 4th and yes, the hype of this is monstrous and people are really anticipating this and well….as for me…..yes, this show is FANTASTIC!! Pure fun and entertainment from the start and actually shows an overpowered character who’s actually likable and fun. Not to mention, it handles the focus on other heroes perfectly well and while they aren’t as powerful as Saitama, they actually made me give a damn about them and are funny and endearing as well. One of the most entertaining and fun series this year and the reason why I said in my last wrap-up that this is definitely #1 anime of the year!!!

But it isn’t just the OPM show here….I watched a Gundam this year and I liked it. It’s Iron-Blooded Orphans and it manages to be the show I wanted Aldnoah.Zero to be and more. (On a small note, I’ve watched Gundam: Thunderbolt as they only do the monthly episode release and yeah, good stuff.)

Noragami came back with its sequel Aragoto and it is just as good as the first season was.
Attack on Titan Junior High is actually a decent parody of the show that retains the spirit of the show.

Concrete Revolutio is a show with many good and interesting ideas but it just over piles itself with too many things and it becomes a scattered mess but at least, it isn’t The Perfect Insider. That show is just another pretentious anime that thinks it’s smart but has its head up its own ass.

Did I forget to mention that A-1 Pictures made that show…and the funny thing is, they made The Asterisk War and dear Lord, this shit is just as awful as you imagine it would be? Possibly the worst show of the year and it plays the same light novel shit over and over again from the OP lead to great at anything and it should only focus on him, any female lead loses their independence just to be a part of his harem of hoes and a ton of exposition that no one cares about or backstory that isn’t going to be shit. WHO CARES? Oh, and guess what? It returns in the spring in 2016 so it’ll be on the Worst of List of next year, too!!! Man, fuck this show……oh, and fuck Seraph again.


  1. One Punch Man
  2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
  3. Noragami Aragoto


  1. The Asterisk War
  2. Seraph of the End
  3. The Perfect Insider

Highlights from jul. to dec.

  • Sentai Filmworks rescuing Higurashi: When They Cry
    and licensed Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
  • Viz Media also licensed the latter’s novels as well.
  • Also speaking of Viz, they did the impossible of licensing Hunter x Hunter 2011 along with an English dub set to be on DVD and Blu-ray soon.
  • In sad news, anime studio Manglobe closed down after 12 years in the business after the show Gangsta. Completed. The studio is known for shows like Samurai Champloo, Michiko & Hatchin, Ergo Proxy, Deadman Wonderland among others.
  • FUNimation has rescued the classic anime Speed Racer
  • While it isn’t technically anime but Toonami related, Samurai Jack is slated to return on the Toonami block in 2016.


  1. One Punch Man
  2. My Love Story
  3. Gangsta.
  4. Blood Blockade Battlefront
  5. Death Parade
  6. Snow White with the Red Hair
  7. MSG: Iron-Blooded Orphans
  8. Durarara!!x2 Shou/Ten
  9. Ninja Slayer
  10. Gatchaman Crowds: Insight


  1. The Asterisk War
  2. Absolute Duo
  3. God Eater
  4. Aldnoah.Zero Season 2
  5. RIN-NE
  6. Gunslinger Stratos
  7. Sound! Euphonium
  8. Punchline
  9. Seraph of the End (both seasons)
  10. Overlord

And so, anime fans, this is the end of the line. 2015 is a better year for anime. Let’s hope to continue this in 2016.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


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