Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2015 Wrap-Up


Another year done. Another Time of the Season year wrapped done but it’s not that time yet.

Here in the fall, some shows have been….mostly alright. It wasn’t the variety of good shows we got in the summer but it wasn’t the 70% of the blandness that was the spring season this year (and even then, they got some great shows). Granted, there are two shows still broadcasting as I write this and one that is already in my top ten anime of the year but hey, I did before and it sure didn’t bite me in the ass……OK, it did but Parasyte is still watchable and interesting.

Now let’s get down to business….on to judge these shows…..

(animated by MAPPA & STUDIO VOLN; licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Well, my opinion of this hasn’t changed since the summer season ended but yeah, this is still a fun show with two capable, compatible and funny leads that doesn’t have to beat us over the head with nostalgia all the time from the stylized action to the chemistry of our title characters. Now even though the show has ended, they are still continuing with another season in the Spring season so it’s more of a break. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next entry. (7.5. – High OK / Low Solid B.)

(animated by GoHands / licensed by VIZ MEDIA)

To me, K has never been a show I loved or hated….it’s just there. It’s pretty and glossy with stellar animation from GoHands although it could use less blue filter because they over-use that to death and the music is also fine as well but I couldn’t say I really got into the story and characters that much. I did….but not all the way there (or maybe since I watched the first season in English dub, it was harder to follow in Japanese). Like the show, this is a middle of the road show that has a story that does keep your attention 50% of the time. (5.5/10 – VANILLA)

(animated by BONES / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment)

This show does have a great idea that was executed well here with being a superhero show that is a mecha / magical girl / mystery / thriller and…. Yeah, I say the show does too much that it really doesn’t know what the show wants to be or it tries to be this specific thing but it’s confusing trying to decipher it. But that’s not to say that the show is bad because it’s not. It has a good set of characters to follow through including the lead girl Kikko and you slowly get the gist of what’s going on….hopefully in the 2nd or 3rd episodes but it’s still serviceable and yes, this is getting another season in the spring as well. (6/10 – Low OK.)

(animated by 8-Bit / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

For a show that’s mostly apes on shows like Eureka Seven, Captain Earth, and anything from Studio BONES like this, this is actually a decent effort from 8-Bit and possibly the only one I watched from them I actually like. You get the whole catch with the characters and most of their backstories, some cool mecha moments and also the meowgeon.
Yes, the half-cat, half-pigeon hybrid. You know I’m going to bring that up and the subs work well as great out-of-context lines. (7/10 – OK.)

(animated by Wit Studio / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment)

OK, I’ll admit that this isn’t as bad as the first season but this is still pretty bad and dull. Granted, the few things of this show are tiger snipers, Shinoa, and some other minor character who doesn’t suck but still, the constant hammering of the show wanting me to give a damn about Yu and Mika when I clearly don’t and no, it’s not because the whole yaoi thing. They are not GOOD OR INTERESTING CHARACTERS!!!! I said it before but this show is a low-tier Attack on Titan but with vampires and shit and now thinking about it, WIT is trying too hard to replicate that success yet it fails so hard, I mean, it’s not like they are doing another–

Oh, never mind. Yeah, this show still sucks. (4/10 – NOT FEELING THIS)

(animated by A-1 Pictures / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Oh wow…..I thought the show would get better but nah that was a lie. It got worse and worse as it goes. The mystery gets more nonsensical and pretentious as the show goes on and I couldn’t care less about what happens next. The characters…..HA! What characters? The bespectacled hipster douchebag who really needs a slap and a punch to the face and the girl…..who really doesn’t have much of a presence here aside from being assistant girl. I thought Yurikuma was pretentious as hell but at least I dug that one a bit (at least better than Penguindrum). This is rather another A-1 Pictures show that is rather bad (although not as bad as the one coming up in a few). (5/10 – AN ACQUIRED TASTE)

(animated by TROYCA / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Oh, hey, a watchable show on here….kinda. Yes, this is more of a mystery of the week type of show but it was at least entertaining although I wish the focus was more on Sakurako than that kid Shotarou, whose still not as worthy or interesting as a character because we don’t give a damn about his school life or his friends / potential girls he might fuck in the future but we do get some character moments focused on her and her past as somebody who is intrigued with human bones. Hell, The Perfect Insider focused on the main character and he was a douche. She could have gotten more screen time. Still, it’s an alright show. (7/10 – OKAY)

(animated by Tezuka Productions / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Ah, the prequel to the classic series by the legendary studio Tezuka Productions and yet….this is pretty good and maybe for some if you don’t know much about the character or have limited knowledge, it’ll be a good start to it as it goes through the chronicles of the character before his known presence through the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights era, the radical 1960s, etc. The other interesting thing about is that the show does capture the Tezuka character design look to a tee. (7/10 – Low OKAY)

(animated by Production I.G. / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment)

You know, some of you have thought the idea of a spin-off of this would be a bad idea from the chibi character designs to the humor and yet….it turned out to be a funny show after all. In other words, it’s not a Teen Titans GO! Situation, it’s an actual funny parody of one of the most popular anime in the last few years and some of the jokes from Armin carrying a blanket most of the time, The not-that-subtle hints of Ymir/Krista and Jean getting the shit kicked out of for comedic relief. This is a surprise that it didn’t sucked and maybe it was a good idea I.G. did this and not Wit. Plus, it shows that I.G. was the stronger component in making the original show.
And now we wait for Season 2…..whenever the hell that’s gonna be. (7.5/10 – High OKAY)

(animated by MAPPA / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment)

A lot of people really didn’t get to this show well as they did with the first one. Some have said that they went into a different style than what happened with the other show. Pretty much like what happened with True Detective this year but…….then again, these are the same people that said Captain Earth was bad and Sound! Euphonium was good so who gives a flying fuck? Point is, I like it maybe even better than the first series because there was nothing in that show especially the second half for me to grasp a damn for but here….it has some personality aside from the brooding, Game of Thrones wannabe atmosphere along with a main character (Seimei) who is actually the favorable character in my eyes. Not by all means a great show but a fine show. (7.5/10 – High OK)

(animated by BONES / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment)

The continuation of the BONES show from the Winter 2014 Season has proven to be better than before or just as good as the first season and to me, it is as good as the first season and there’s no shame in that because this is a great series that combines great action, good humor between our main three characters and hard-hitting emotional moments as well. If you loved the first series, you will definitely love the second installment of this. (8/10 – Solid B)

And now I get to the nitty gritty. Seeing what was the best stuff of the season and what was the worst…..

Here is the worst……

(animated by A-1 Pictures / licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)

You believe back in Spring of this year, this was announced at Sakura-con that AoA got the rights to this series and they were hyping it up like it’s the big event of the year for anime? WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT THAT WAS!!! Once again, we got another A-1 Pictures show that based on a light novel and guess what? It was shit. You got the bland overpowered MC who is completely the best and of course, saltine personality. The pink-haired tsundere bitch who you think might turn around to be at least a decent character but nope, she is a part of Purple-Hair Kirito’s (or PHK – that goes credit to @cedric_alpha) harem which also features purple-haired loli girl with boobs because…..well, the teenage boys got to wank to something and the blue-haired flat loli girl because….well, I told you already.
The show is nothing but the same clichéd shit we get from these light novel adaptations and they aren’t getting any better. Hell, this show made miss Sword Art Online……OK, that was a lie but they’re trying to copy their success with this.
The only joy I got from this is me mocking the fuck out of this on Twitter with a few Twitter friends of mine (who I will give a shout-out later along other people).
Yeah, this is the worst show of the year and it’s not over yet. This, too, is getting another season in the spring. Fuck The Asterisk War, Aniplex and A-1 Pictures….and the latter in general because I have only watched one good show from you this year….and it aired last year in Japan and premiered on Netflix this year. (2/10 – CLOWNSHOES)

(animated by SUNRISE / licensed by …… um…… streaming on CRUNCHYROLL / HULU / DAISUKI / GUNDAM.INFO / FUNIMATION.COM )

Oh, man. This is my first time watching a Gundam show in full and I think this might be the best decision in my time watching anime because this is the mecha anime I always wanted. Hell, this is what I wanted from Aldnoah.Zero, the so-called “Gundam” Killer and yeah, Gundam said, “Uh, bitch, leave it to true masters of this. Alright?”
The show not only has amazing mecha action but I really got into the characters and got more invested in that more because this is a war drama first and I like that aspect of it. Plus, it does a better use of the princess being a part of the war and this show has the best ending song in MISIA’s “Orphans’ Tears” and it has a bluesy feel in an anime that nobody else has done and the sad thing is it’s going to be replaced after the 12 or 13th episode. (9/10 – FIRST CLASS)

(animated by MADHOUSE / licensed by VIZ MEDIA)

OK, I’m keeping this short because most of you already know what I’m going to give it and some of you might say that this is overrated, that the hype got me out of my mind and me giving a high grade is ludicrous.
To that, I reply: “I watched a lot of shit this year. Even more than you!!! So, yeah…..I’m putting OPM on top because it deserves it.”
No, really, I believe that One Punch Man deserves to be on top because what we got here is an overpowered character who actually has a personality and a laid back character but the focus on the other heroes are good as well because they actually show a lot of heart for just wanting to protect people. Oh, and Saitama actually wants them to get credit for that shit. It’s funny (parody or not, I don’t give a shit, funny is funny and this is definitely good), it pulls you in and to me, it left more of an impact for anime than most of the shit that anime critics rave about. (10/10 – HALL OF FAME!!!)


However, I will be back for the Time of the Season Year Recap for 2015 in a day or less.

Before I go, I want to give a special shout-out to the writers at Toonami United and Swim Squad. Both sites (that got some of the same writers on staff – still good people. Entertaining, too.) Really keep me looking forward to their writing on anything Toonami or Adult Swim related among other things like music,

If you’re interested in them, give them a read or a like sometime and tell them MAK2.0 aka the Blue Hybrid sent ya.



Speaking of which, that’s who I am and once again, I went through the fire and all for anime.

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