25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #1

HERE WE ARE!!! It’s CHRISTMAS DAY!! All of you are now waking up, rushing to the Christmas tree to open your presents, eat your Christmas candy, drinking your eggnog with cognac or whatever you drink it with and watching your favorite Christmas movie marathon on whatever network is on. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

Oh, and we are finally into the #1 ANIME PICK!!!

But before we do, here’s a recap of what was #25-#2?








18.squid girl

17.kids on the slope

16.death parade

15.sgt. frog

14.el cazador de la bruja


12.rage of bahamut: Genesis

11.My Love Story


9.BLACk lagoon


7.Michiko & Hatchin

6.space dandy

5.Puella Magi Madoka Magica

4.Afro Samurai

3.Cowboy Bebop

2.Samurai champloo

And on my #1……..

I never would have thought something like this would end up being my #1 anime and this debuted 2 years ago and I was just starting to get into the simulcast anime game.

It’s from a new studio that has a lot of passion and flair from the former company that does that and it is used for more than just looks. It has personality, promise, style and a great execution.

It is……

Kill La Kill is not an ordinary anime. It is a blessing in disguise as this was one of the best anime of 2013 and Trigger single-handedly showed lesser anime studios how to make a fucking impact. The story is simple but keeps growing as we know more about it and the characters are so engrossing and likable, you can’t help but be invested in them even in some characters you wouldn’t expect to like. Oh, and not to mention that while the show has a fair amount….exactly, no – a large amount of fanservice but there’s actual purpose for it and it doesn’t feel unnecessary or shoved in.

Also, Mako is best character. You can’t help but love the girl!! And of course, they are great in both Japanese and English. Aya Suzuki and Christine Marie Cabanos truly gave their all being her.

Kill La Kill…….truly my favorite anime of all time!!!

Kill La Kill – Animated by TRIGGER / licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA.

And that is my TOP 25 ANIME!!!

Got any agreements? Disagreements? Well…..you can go and…comment on any one of them.

That’s MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!

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