25 DAYS OF ANIME! – HONORABLE MENTIONS (last round) / #3

We are down to the nitty, gritty top 3 anime!!!

That fast, huh?

But before we get ahead, here is the last round of honorable mentions that deserve to have a shout-out now and then.

When I was first watching this show, I got a bad feeling that this was going to be some pointless fan service show that tries too hard to be funny and nothing more but a wankfest for the otaku but thankfully it didn’t go that way. The show has a decent plotline (later on) with our lead girl and a mysterious twist that shocked me and it also some good humor and likable characters in the mix. Oh and as much as the outfits are outrageous, they don’t distract me from what’s happening in the show.

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue

Animated by J.C. Staff / licensed by Sentai Filmworks (formerly licensed by GENEON)


If you ever watch something by the late Satoshi Kon, then you know what you’re getting into when watching Paranoia Agent. His trademark style of visual mind-fuckery and imaginative storytelling is present all through 13 episodes of (sadly) his only TV series effort and that also Lil’ Slugger is a malicious and tricky motherfucker.

Paranoia Agent

Animated by MADHOUSE / formerly licensed by GENEON – forever OOP.

And now for the #3 pick and I’m going to say that is almost the obvious pick of anyone who does a list like this but then again, it’s my list and I don’t care so….

This is the essential anime that either fans should have watched by now or if you’re just getting into anime, this should be the first thing you need to watch before jumping in further into the anime rabbit hole. The show is very episodic yet (with a plot in between episodes) you learn more and more about each character by the episode and they all get into a bunch of exciting and dangerous adventures throughout. Plus, it was all accompanied by great action and humor and the best music Yoko Kanno has ever made along with her group The Seatbelts.
“Tank” will forever be that theme you instantly jam into and never skip once you’re watching this.

What else can be said about Cowboy Bebop? Aside from…check it out.

Cowboy Bebop

Animated by SUNRISE / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment (formerly licensed by BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT)

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