25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #4

Well, my next pick is something I will love to the end of time. This one is definitely an anime that’s specifically made for somebody like me.

Somebody who loves cutthroat action, a fantasy world that’s actually interesting, the lead being a man with few words with a funny sidekick, and also an anime that got a kick-ass Wu-Tang soundtrack.

Welp, in case you didn’t figure it out…..this is #4….

I know what you’re wondering.

“This only has 5 episodes. How is this a TV Show?” Well, it premiered on Spike TV back in early 2007 and plus, that’s all the show needed. The man’s father was killed, he wants revenge and there you go. A simple story that has a lot of style that doesn’t go too long and gives you what you come for and the backstory for Afro and his friends was actually operated well in the short time. Plus, it’s no contest that Samuel L. Jackson owns the role of Afro and his sidekick Ninja-Ninja and The RZA definitely one of my favorite hip-hop producers as this score does varies more than just hip-hop (with a little funk, rock and spaghetti western type of score).

Afro Samurai is the definition of a stylish anime that gets the job done in a short amount of time and is one of my personal favorites.

(Oh, and yes, I liked Afro Samurai: Resurrection too. Even if one aspect confused me.)

Afro Samurai

Animated by GONZO / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment

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