25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #6

As I said before this is going to be a Watanabe show on this list and this is another different beast than what we usually know him for.

He did something related to Macross. He was involved in The Animatrix. He directed an anime that pretty much everyone including people not into anime have watched at some point of their life. He directed something based from a manga and it ended up being pretty good.

Now, in 2014, he directed (or supervised) an anime that made a lot of headlines……well, in anime terms even before the show came out.

My friends, our #6 is……

Space Dandy is a dandy guy in space…..and also a dandy show that happened to be one of the most hilarious anime to come out in 2014 with its episodic style of storytelling that actually leads into something completely unexpected later on. The characters are plentiful to get you laughing with the main character the smooth but mostly idiotic Dandy with his efficient(ish) partner QT and the lazy Betelgeuseian cat-like alien Meow as they go into the most ridiculous situations episode after episode. The gags are often hilarious, other side characters are delightfully charming and funny as well (my favorite side character being Honey). This is also a major deal since it was the first time that Toonami aired an anime that is also airing in Japan and with an English dub no less!! And that got me into noticing Ian Sinclair. Plus, this move also got FUNimation to do their Broadcast Dub Initiative plan and you can see that business is a–booming well for them, cousin.

Space Dandy is a dandy anime to ever grace us in 2014 and man, life without it would be sad.

Space Dandy

Animated by BONES / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment

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