My next pick is a show that not everyone is going to get into immediately….unless you’re somebody like me and I got into this show from the first episode (which many people including me keep saying the same damn thing to one specific thing in there) and it didn’t only manage to be a good blend of action and drama but something I feel that anybody could get into.

And ladies and gentlemen, our #7 pick is…..

Michiko and Hatchin is very under the radar among anime fans and considering it was released for home video for 2013 and the anime originally debuted 5 years prior to that, I can see why. The show has distinct Watanabe vibes from the exotic locations, journeying to find somebody who either had an effect in their life (either good or bad….mostly bad), an extravagant/jazzy score and flamboyant characters especially with the leads themselves Michiko and Hatchin as to me, they have a character interaction vibe like in Samurai Champloo….only I’m not annoyed with Hatchin as you do sympathize with her during her journey and Michiko is definitely one of the fiercest female anime characters to shine on screen since Revy. Both women intrigue, scare and fascinate me at the time.

With that said, Michiko & Hatchin is an intriguing drama loaded with enough action, dialogue and raw emotion and it is one to own and collect.

Michiko & Hatchin

Animated by manglobe / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment

Oh, and spoiler, the next entry is going to be a Watanabe show……but I’m going to tell you this….It’s not Terror in Resonance.

It is on my honorable mentions, tho.

To keep this short, Terror in Resonance to me is an interesting mystery thriller that doesn’t just paint the main characters as psychotic mindless terrorists but still remain a mysterious and tricky threat. Again, I find something like this intriguing to follow through as it still remained to be an interesting mystery drama that can be entertaining and not shove psychobabble or unimportant details I’m going to forget.

Sure, it’s not exactly the highest of anime but it is certainly a captivating show.

Terror in Resonance

Animated by MAPPA / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment


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