25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #9

Welp, I got all the romantics out of the way and now it’s time for a little less conversation and a little more action.

Or a good mix of both. Because too much of a good thing can lead to disaster.

Because watching this show a few years ago and again on Toonami in 2014 got me from liking the show to really loving it and one of the best blueprints to making an action anime (that’s not a shonen title) and our #9 pick is…..


If you’re just entering the world of anime and you’re looking for some starter titles to watch, well look no further because Black Lagoon has everything you want in an action series from the stellar gun fights, sharp dialogue (especially with the word ‘fuck’ used more than in a Tarantino movie….Ok, maybe not that much), luxurious scenery, a mix of colorful and exciting characters – the most badass of them all being Revy (who I’m both intrigued and terrified by her) and animation from the master of them all Madhouse and it actually shows when you enter the world of piracy, your worldview will change and not for the better. It also shows the consequences of their actions and it doesn’t always deliver a happy ending and man, those last episodes……shit, man. (I wouldn’t say anything else but damn.)

With that said, this along with the OVA Roberta’s Blood Trail is a thrilling action series that you should immediately check out.

Black Lagoon

Animated by MADHOUSE / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment (formerly licensed by GENEON)


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