25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #10

While I instantly fell in love with My Love Story, the next one on my list was a hard sell for me to get into.

Mostly this is the type of romantic anime that I wouldn’t like due to certain traits in there (the flaky and unlikable tsundere character, the vanilla lead male, unnecessary love triangles, etc.) but fortunately for this anime, it definitely worked like a charm and is now one of my favorite anime of all time.

Our #10 entry goes to…

Who would’ve thought I ended up liking a show like Toradora? You do get your basic type of character archetypes thrown in there and for the first half, it was actually funny and while I sometimes grate on Taiga, she actually progresses into a decent character and we see why she is the way she is later on and the same can be said for our other characters as well like how Ami is basically a wolf in sheep’s clothing but wants more in friends than followers and that Minori (my favorite character!) may be the energetic nice girl, she does show a side of her that’s more emotional for her.

Toradora was the first (in a while) to show me the light that there can be good romance anime and that you can work around the same ‘ol archetypes and make them good enough for care about.


Animated by J.C. STAFF / licensed by NIS AMERICA


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