25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #11

For the next two entries of this list, it’s getting a little romantic in here and both are surprises that definitely got me on their good side.

Yeah, I’m not a big romantic anime fan because I have been burned by most of them in the past (and believe me, you know what show burned me) but with this one (and the next one), it managed to turn my cold heart into a warm feeling of genuine love.

And our #11 entry goes to…..

And to think, I wasn’t going to watch this in the spring season this year. Good thing I did as this is genuinely the cutest romantic anime I’ve seen this year and the first thing that did right was letting them become a couple in episode 3. Yep, no bullshitting around, no unsubtle hints of them eventually getting together as they get straight to the point and following them as a couple, we do get more insight into their daily and personal life among with their friends as well. The two romantic leads Takeo and Rinko are a great example of an anime couple and Suna is a great friend/bro to Takeo as well. Hell, all the characters act like realistic in the show and while some might say it’s too sweet, it’s not overly saccharine.

My Love Story

Animated by MADHOUSE / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS


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