25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #15

Once again, comedy is very subjective to all of us, especially when it comes to anime. Some people may like the humor of shows like Love Hina, Shuffle, & School Rumble. Others like the raunchy style of humor like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt or Excel Saga.

This one, however, is none of those things. At first, I thought it was going to be just okay but after re-watching it over and over and over again, I had to add this on my list.

The number keroro—err, I mean 15 spot goes to:

A first glance at this show made me hooked for the rest to watch and this show is unbelievably funny with the insane plotline of alien frogs trying to take over the world. Emphasis on TRYING. It also helps that we got characters that are about as crazy as the plot and they are likable and funny in every way from the lazy, Gundam-obsessed leader Keroro (I wonder his opinion on Iron-Blooded Orphans….), the cute yet stupidly-insane Tamama, the gung-ho soldier Giroro, the troll known as Kululu and the benevolent ninja Giroro. The only thing I have against this show is…..well, only 78 episodes were brought to the States and dubbed by FUNimation meaning we’ll never know how funny and farther the show can go.

Luckily, the show has enough re-watch value to forget about that and it is something I could say you can show your kids this. No, really, it’s fine for kids to watch.

Sgt. Frog

Animated by SUNRISE / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment


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