25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #16

Let me ask you something. Whenever somebody dies, do you think they are sent to limbo in the form of a bar and take a good back in their life to see what regrets they have and how they should’ve handled it.

Well, the number 16 spot got you covered on that….

Death Parade has a lot of great things working for it and even in things that shouldn’t have worked but still made it enjoyable. The series starts off as vignettes of people coming into this bar to participate in Death Games and as they play, secrets of them are revealed one by one as their lives are on the line and as they show another side of the person(s) of the week and it even goes deeper when it comes to the residents of the Quindecim bar and their past as well. It’s a show that does get insightful and multilayered but can be entertaining and fun to watch, especially with the theme song. Sure, it’s a great contrast of the show but it is still a good song to jam to once the show opens.

Besides, I rather have that than have some dreary song that puts you to sleep and assume the show is as dull as the song. So, yes, Death Parade. One of the better shows to come around this year to make it on my list.

Death Parade

Animated by MADHOUSE / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment


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