25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #18

We all know that comedy is subjective in media and that also transits into anime as well. Some comedy anime can translate well with U.S. audiences and some do not.

However, with this show, you can say that I had an ‘inkling’ that it is going to be a good and I was right.

And this is my #18 pick….

The premise of it is pure and simple. Squid Girl rises from the sea to try and take over the world……and it ends up doing that is harder than she expected. Only funnier……well, for us. Squid Girl works because it’s the scenario of the main character trying to be this threatening conquer but is like an adorable kid doing it for attention and it helps that she does have a soft spot. The other characters are quite enjoyable, too, from the two sisters Eiko and Chizuru Aizawa with their brother Takeru, their obsessive friend Sanae, the easily scared Nagisa, scientist Cindy Campbell and many others to follow. The daily misadventures are enough to make you fall in love with the show with funny scenarios and characters to boot, too.

If you’re one to love to make puns all the time, then you’re set because this show has a lot to offer with those.

Squid Girl

Animated by DIOMEDEA / licensed by MEDIA BLASTERS


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