25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #19

Welp, the last entry I talked about a show that didn’t have a good ending, basically meant to read the manga instead. So, my next entry on the list is very similar to that only it got more episodes, more character development and the ending is actually more fucked up and wild than bad.

So, our #19 anime is…..

Berserk is a fantasy anime that truly defines the word ‘epic’ and one of the few fantasy anime I liked that actually has a compelling journey of a story that has all the action and bloodshed you can imagined (and it is oh, so bloody) but it also established great characters and the growth among them that fully portrayed as actual humans fighting a war. Guts is shown to be a badass as the BLACK SWORDSMAN (not that OP hack, Kirito.) and the same can be said about Casca. She was especially my favorite female character in anime after the way she handled that asshole general in one of the later episodes. Griffith is shown here to be one of the noblest and smoothest characters in there and then turns into an asshole later on.
True, the animation has not aged well and there is mostly still shots during battle scenes but I learned that sometimes stilted animation like that doesn’t lessen the enjoyment of it.

As for the movies, there are a fine substitute if you want the shorter version of it and yet the animation for that isn’t all that good either.

Wow, the curse of being an outstanding series with sketchy animation. Still, Berserk is one not to miss.


Animated by OLM (Oriental Light and Magic) / formerly licensed by MEDIA BLASTERS, movies licensed by VIZ MEDIA


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