25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #21

As much as I really want to put One Punch Man on here (and believe me, I WANT TO PUT IT ON THERE!!), I in good conscience can’t because at the time of this list. The show hasn’t finished airing all of its 12 episodes (and really? 12 episodes?) but there has been another good superhero anime in the past few years and this one got a twist to it.

And the number 21 spot goes to….

A world of superheroes known as NEXT saving the city and its citizens from danger but you need to earn enough points and sponsors to be crown the King of Heroes in Sternbuild City. Tiger and Bunny is the closest thing we’re getting to a DC or Marvel anime. Hell, people love to shit on Samurai Flamenco and that’s better than any of those Marvel anime. Anyway onto Tiger and Bunny, the show does reminds me parts of any comic book movie I’ve seen in the past decade from Iron Man to the Dark Knight. Hell, Barnaby’s tragic past and even his character is in the same vein as Bruce Wayne although I think Kotetsu is my favorite out of the duo and I also honestly love the other heroes especially Fire Emblem, Blue Rose and Dragon Kid.

I will also say that following the series, the movie The Rising does a better job on getting to know more of the heroes and part of me hope the series can continue from here as it is begging for a second season.

And yes, we’re getting an American live-action movie adaptation and…..it can work.
Depending on who is directing and writing it.

Tiger and Bunny

Animated by SUNRISE / licensed by VIZ MEDIA


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