25 DAYS OF ANIME! – #24

This next one is one of the few anime that in my opinion is one of the few anime on my list handles romance, mecha and the coming-of-age story in all excellency and thinking about this show and the couple makes me wish more anime should strive to be when it comes to this.

#24 is……

Eureka Seven is one of the earliest shows from BONES that I’ve instantly fell in love with since I’ve watched it. It’s a coming-of-age story mixed in with an mecha anime and a bit of romantic drama and you have this underrated gem. The story keeps unfolding episode after episode and like the last anime I’ve mentioned, this managed to keep me intrigued for 50 episodes with enough character development among everyone especially my two favorite characters Renton and Eureka. Those two shown in here went through a lot of character development and their romance comes out naturally because they actually share a connection and it grows to something more and the same can be said for the other characters like Holland and Talho even the opposing side the U.F. Force with Anemone and Dominic. I know other shows tend to follow this formula like Star DriverCaptain Earth and even this season’s Comet Lucifer and I might like some of them but they all can’t compare to a great show like this.


Eureka Seven

Animated by BONES / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment (formerly Bandai Entertainment)

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