What do we know about winter? And yeah, we know its coming, Game of Thrones fans. The joke is about as stale as the over 9000 meme.

We know that it lasts over 3 months although it gets colder before then and for bears, they hibernate for that period until the spring arrives.
A 3-month sleep…..which is something I wouldn’t do.

But Grizz on the other hand……

Welcome back to We Ba[re-cap] Bears and this week’s episode will make you grab a lot of comforters, food and anime body pillows with Hibernation.

When Grizzly learn about hibernation from a book, he just can’t sleep, until a fictional bear takes him on a suspiciously abnormal adventure.

So it’s another episode where Grizz tries something that the others think is a bit dumb and they’re right. Sure, bears are supposed to hibernate during the winter and all that but the three of them are domesticated bears. They don’t abide by the rules of any normal bear and it’s probably good that they didn’t. Also Grizz taking hibernation rules from a kid’s book? Really?
OK, the episode was the usual standard fare for We Bare Bears but once again, not really an episode that’s worth a re-watch. It has a few laughable moments from the preparation of his ‘hibernation’ and that Panda owns an anime body pillow. Yes, this is a thing in real life in case you’re not exactly an anime fan/follower like me.

But yeah, this one isn’t the most interesting episode much like the “Tote Life” episode but like that, it was never a bad episode but I rather watch another episode than this.

So, I’ll give this a C.

That was another recap for you this week. I’m MAK2.0 aka Blue Hybrid, and would one of you own an Ice Bear body pillow?

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