WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 11: Episode 22 – PET Shop


Time for another flashback episode with the little We Bear Cubs in today’s We Ba[re-cap] Bears and now it’s time for the audience to either go “AWW!!” or “SO ADORABLE!!”
I’ll wait.

*30 minutes later*

OK, now I can—Oh, not yet. All right.

*an hour later*

I can start now? OK then.

The story goes back when the three bear were still little cubs as they try to get adopted.

What can I say that isn’t already said at this point? The show knows how to be charming and adorable and once again, we got a flashback episode featuring the bears as little cubs but in a pet store waiting for someone to adopt them especially with the pet store making one of their ads that convinces you to adopt a cat, dog, etc. only without the use of “In The Arms of an Angel”.
As usual, shenanigans ensue for them trying to get attention to people in their own way and it doesn’t do that well……for a second.

However, when they do get adopted, they realize they will go their separate ways and be apart and you know if you been watching this show for the past few months, these brothers won’t let anything break their bond and eventually find their way to each other once again.

Yeah, we saw that coming a mile away but it doesn’t make it any less emotional and effective. This example along with shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and Adventure Time are the examples of animated shows today that managed to capture your emotional side and doing it right.

This episode is getting an A.

This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…..I do feel bad for the people that bought them and pretty much their $100 or more went down the drain.

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