WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 10: Episode 21 – Video DATE


Panda is back into the dating game (I think) and he needs a little help from his bros to make sure it goes all right.

But what will come of it?

Welcome back to We Ba[re-cap] Bears as we go to the latest episode of another week full of new episodes and today’s episode is Video Date.

 When Panda start dating a French girl, Celine by video dating, his brothers agrees to help him but then each of them falls in love with Celine, as they try to impress Celine all at once.

This was a rather cute and charming episode or another one into the ones that are like that. Panda was a date with a rather cute girl but of course, Panda is nervous to talk to her and so he goes to his brothers for help. Yeah, it doesn’t help that the brothers also is feeling for the girl as well.

This is the usual gags and jokes thrown in there especially with them pretending to be Panda with Ice Bear speaking fluent French and Grizz really getting to know her since they got a lot in common, too. But in the end, it all worked out in the end and by that, I mean, the brothers realize they work great as a team and also the girl hasn’t been truthful to Panda (or all of them either) since she’s from Jerse—I mean, Joisey.

Hey, at least they didn’t get cat fished and she was actually a serial killer, a hooker or Nom Nom.

It can happen.

So what will I grade this particular episode? What letter grade will I…

It’s a B+.

A rather charming episode with the usual amount of hi-jinks put in there.

Welp, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and….wait, if the girl got 3 sisters, she could’ve easily set them up with…actually, never mind. It wouldn’t work out anyway.

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