WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 9: Episode 20 – CHARLIE and the SNAKE


Ear—erm, I mean Charlie returns this time around, hoping to spend more time with the Bears but he’s met a new friend along the way.

Will this become something noteworthy for me to talk about? Will we see Charlie in a new light as he…..well, still in the show?

Let’s find out with today’s recap with Charlie and The Snake.

When Charlie decided to bring the three bears on a party and try to get them food, he accidentally met a snake where they became friends and escape from photographers.

Honestly, this episode shows a slight improvement of Charlie in my eyes. To me, at first he was some free-loading creature who could’ve been annoying and grating but thankfully he wasn’t that but in here…. He has grown towards me especially with him avoiding people with cameras as possible since well…..yeah, it’s no surprise by now. He’s BigFoot and like many mythological creatures, they don’t want to hurt anybody and they are just as scared and afraid like we are.

Plus, Charlie is a chill and cool guy who can be a good and caring friend. Yeah, he’s trying to be friends with a snake who I’m sure doesn’t understand what he’s saying but the guy does have heart for his friends….even though the Bears really didn’t really want to spend time with him today (as if they didn’t make it obvious enough) and to be fair, the bears didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings although Charlie has been gone from there almost the whole episode.

Hey, we also get Ice Bear breakdancing with a worm.

I say that I liked this one better than yesterday’s episode and it’s actually a better character episode focused on Charlie than the actual debut of the character….which is actually a good thing in general so yeah.

And so this episode gets a B.

A good ‘ol SOLID B…..hehe.

And with that said, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and there’s a snake behind you. MAKE FRIENDS WITH IT!!

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