WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 8: Episode 19 – TOTE Life


Hey, you about that life, man?

Come on, you know all about DAT life, don’t you?

…..Wait, Why am I assuming We Bare Bears is doing a hood episode? This is about tote bags!!!

Anyway, welcome back to We Bare-Cap Bears where once again, we go into a week of new episodes of We Bare Bears and we start off with…..well, this one. Tote Life.


When the bears are at a food market, they see tote bags and take them everywhere. They soon get every tote from the food market. Suddenly, they have come upon a rough patch.


The bears learn the dangers or better yet being too obsessive about tote bags and they pretty much went into borderline insanity and all I can say to this is…….eh.
This is by no means a bad episode, just not much of an interesting one even as just being the straight comedic episode. The gags about the whole Tote Life thing got a chuckle out of me a few times especially with them being hoarders later on and Ice Bear offering Tote Tea and I did find that first scene with the hippy cashier mostly annoying and him douchey (at least the first time, he got decent later on).

And of course, the lesson of the episode is simply this……DON’T BE ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!

Screenshot 2015-11-03 12.42.04
The last one applies to him.

Or just remember tote bags are made for reusable purposes and you really don’t need to buy that much just to save the environment. One is fine, 2 is cool, too and six of you want to be pretentious about it.

So, yeah, still a fine episode but nothing I’m going to recount or look back on.

This gets a C+

And yes, this is the first time I gave a WBB episode a C…….at least it isn’t a F or anything like that….and I hope that day never comes.

This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, saying don’t be about that TOTE LIFE….because you’ll end up flooding your house with tacky tote bags.


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