WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 4: Episode 15 – Occupy Bears


Today we look into an episode that has the lore of the Bears’ home. Yes, We Bare Bears  has lore now. Everything you know and love has lore. Hell, even bread has lore.

This sandwich is made from the breads of the little bakery known as… HEY, HEY, HEY, this isn’t We Bread Bears!!! The recap is on with the next episode Occupy Bears.

The bears must battle the ones (mainly construction workers who have to build a cell phone tower) who want to destroy their cave.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 09.30.31
$11, some change and a bottle? Be lucky I don’t send you to the projects.


Right here is another episode where we go into the bear’s past of them finding a place to live 5 years ago when they first moved into the city and it shows them struggling since they’re pretty much penniless.We also get the message that Ice Bear wants a clean freezer to live in and preferably something that won’t bite or kill him.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 09.31.54
Ice Bear say “Fuck this shit”.

Knowing more about the past of these bears has been one of my favorite aspects of this show (along with the Ice Bear humor — Ice Bear is the best but you already know it at this point) and still the show has a lot of heart and humor when it comes to the main 3 and those are usually the best key things about the show in general.

Oh, and hilarious moments of the show:

  1. The one time a flip phone saved the day.
  2. As mentioned before, Ice Bear love fridges.
  3. Screenshot 2015-10-14 09.31.01

And with that said, this gets the grade of A-. This is quite the top-tier episode so far into the show.

This has been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and even a flip phone is still worth than my sorry-ass cell phone.

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