WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 3: Episode 14 – Brother UP



After nearly a month of no We Bare Bears, the show is back with new episodes and not only that, it’s going to be a week-long worth of new episodes coming.

And this…..well, for today, this is episode 14 with Brother Up.


The hierarchy of the bears’ is disrupted after Panda scares away a pack of wolves, thus making him leader.



So you know the whole order of the bear stack? Grizz being the oldest must be able to protect his brothers Panda and Ice Bear but Grizz felt like after Panda had to save his ass, even making Grizz being the middle of the stack and doing what Panda wants to do….even…KOREAN KARAOKE!!!!

WBB scap 3

Oh, and Charlie comes back in this episode as well. He’s still funny.


This was another fine episode with a good amount of hilarious moments regarding Panda taking over as leader and pretty much Grizz being irritated by it. I do understand what Grizz is going through not being as assertive and much of a leader since he couldn’t scare some wolves away. However, with that said, he also understands that sometimes with him on top, he can take the leadership for granted and just do whatever he wants and the other 2 be irritated by that as well.

And clearly I’m thinking too much about a show with 3 talking bears. So……

Oh, STACK MONTAGE!!! That’s also another funny moment of the show and of course, the always Ice Bear moment where you feel like he wants to bitch-slap someone.

WBB scap 2

Also, Ice Bear should be on top for a while.

Hey, he’s the youngest and so am I in my immediate family. Why can’t we be the leaders once in a while?

So with that said, I give this episode a B.

And I’ll be back tomorrow with another We Ba[re-cap] Bears. This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid saying I can’t do Korean Karaoke.

(The people at TMotHO are not against Korean Karaoke in any way. Actually, MAK is just against all forms of Karaoke. He’s not a singer. Seriously, you hear him sing?!?)

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