Time of the SEASON FALL 2015 Edition: GARO The Crimson MOON (2nd Season)

Last fall, MAPPA graced us with GARO The Animation and it was actually a decent show considering I liked the other MAPPA show.
(Speaking of that, when’s that 2nd season of RAGE OF BAHAMUT again? There’s one coming, dammit!)

Anyway, here is GARO 2ND SEASON: The Crimson Moon.

DirectorAtsushi Wakabayashi

Series CompositionShou Aikawa

Masaki Wachi
Seishi Minakami
Shigeru Murakoshi
Shinichi Inotsume
Takawo Yoshioka
Toshiki Inoue

StoryboardOsamu Kobayashi (2 eps)

Original creatorKeita Amemiya

Character DesignMasakazu Katsura

ProducerMasao Maruyama


Animation ProductionMAPPA


Internet Streaming and Licensed byFUNimation Entertainment


Plot Summary: Heian-kyō, capital and the center of elegant, aristocratic culture, is heavily guarded by a spiritual force field — or so it seems. In reality, onmyōji (court magi who create the spiritual force field) can only defend the palace located in the northern part of the city; in downtown, monsters known as “horror” that feast upon human souls roam after sunset. There are, however, a group of heroes protecting commoners from “horrors” in darkness.

First Thoughts: Luckily for those jumping into this show and wonder should you watch the 1st series…well, it’s not a necessity so you’re good on that. For this show however… I find it on par with the first series with its campy vibes and fantasy-based action. This time around, our protagonists are the Makai Alchemist Seimei and mostly our shonen-type hero Raikou and they are mostly serviceable although I find the little brother to be mostly annoying. I don’t have too much about this except for it makes a good fantasy anime to watch this season as much as I find the genre bland and unamusing, especially with this year’s pickings.


I said I would CONTINUE BI-WEEKLY…… It’s still good but nothing I need to keep reminding myself to watch every week.

Until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I think I got one more show to look at….*sees what show it is* and damn it.

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