Time of the SEASON FALL 2015 Edition: CONCRETE Revolutio

Apparently, there isn’t only one anime about superheroes this season but two.

We already got through with the brilliance of One Punch Man and now we are about to get deep into this next anime from the writer, director and studio that brought you Fullmetal Alchemist…..a series that I’ve never finished.

This is Concrete Revolutio…and yes, that’s how you spell it apparently.

DirectorSeiji Mizushima

Kazuki Nakashima
Masaki Tsuji
Shou Aikawa

Kakeru Ishihama (MONACA)
Keigo Hoashi (MONACA)

Original Character Design:
Hekiru Hikawa
Noizi Ito
Ryō Hirao

Character DesignYoshiyuki Ito

Art DirectorHiroki Matsumoto

Chief Animation DirectorYoshiyuki Ito

Sound DirectorMasafumi Mima


Animation ProductionBONES


Internet Streaming:
FUNimation Entertainment

Licensed by:
FUNimation Entertainment


Plot Summary: Tokyo is flooded with countless heroes — chōjin — during the time of “apotheosis.” Their origin stories are all different. While some were altered by evil organizations, others came from space, magical worlds, or are fairies from ancient times or robots. But the Japanese government could not simply close its eyes as these superheroes ran rampant.


First Thoughts: Hmmmm…. Heroes that go into hiding because the government and people see them as mostly nuisances. Sounds familiar to one comic book that most people know of and it’s not just me. Many people compared this idea to Watchmen, too, and it does have that. Only minus Zack Snyder and more Sho Aikawa. The show has almost everything in there from magical girls, superheroes, mecha and whatever else you can think of and yet it felt too much like there’s too many ingredients in a soup that doesn’t need as much and the taste varies from interesting to too much all in one.
There is hope for the show to be fascinating but it needs to slow down at bit.


I’ll give it a CONTINUE with a Low-to-Medium Priority.  I would’ve wait until Monday but I can squeeze this into there.

This has been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and….there’s a Watchmen TV show in the works..? What?


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