Time of the SEASON FALL 2015 Edition: ATTACK on TITAN Junior HIGH

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die ….. Studenten? (You are the food and we are the…..students?)

Bitte warten, Junior High? Für diese Reihe? (Wait, Junior High? For this series?)

Welches ist über das Überleben von riesigen nackten motherfuckers, die Sie essen wollten? (Which is about surviving from giant naked motherfuckers that wanted to eat you?)

OK, I’ll refrain from speaking complete German here but yeah, this idea is sketchy. I mean, I like parodies and all, but can this be done right?

This is Attack on Titan Junior High.

DirectorYoshihide Ibata

Series CompositionMidori Gotou

MusicAsami Tachibana

Original creator:
Hajime Isayama
Saki Nakagawa

Character DesignYuuko Yahiro

Art DirectorKazuhiro Arai (Studio Homare)

Sound DirectorMasafumi Mima

Director of PhotographyTetuya Takahashi


Animation ProductionProduction I.G

Internet Streaming and Licensed byFUNimation Entertainment


Plot Summary: The parody re-imagines Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other characters from the original manga as students and teachers at Titan Junior High School. (Yeah, that’s it.)


First Thoughts: Yeah, things AoT hasn’t been that positive lately with the first being the live-action movies not being that good, although there’s mixed reaction to what I’m hearing and now the spinoff manga gets its own anime adaptation. The first episode of this…..it’s alright. I’ll give it that and I do like the parody idea that brought up as I laugh at some scenes in there. It’s not hysterical HA-Has as some parts are just repeated situations in the first anime and it’s not as funny as it was in the original, but it wasn’t cringeworthy. Example is I do find the Christa/Ymir parts since this is an OTP that actually makes sense and not just Tumblr-bait. (It’s true, Eren/Levi shippers. You know that shit!)
I was skeptical at this because usually the shtick doesn’t last as long and it ends up being repetitive and left not giving a damn, much like the Naruto spinoff or Teen Titans GO!, although I barely gave a shit about Naruto and TTGO….oh god, that was just horrible. I’m actually surprised Production I.G. is doing the animation to this at this feels like this should be something Studio WIT could’ve done…then I forgot they’re doing that other show this season.

Anyway, I do want to see how far they can make this somewhat work.

So this is a CONTINUE WITH CAUTION…….yeah, pretty much this. I’ll be weary yet I’m good with what I got.


So I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and at least this show is not Teen Titans Go!


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