Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2015 Wrap-Up

Hello, folks!!

It is the end of summer and of course, that means the end of the anime season and HOT DAMN!!! This season was fire!!!

I’m serious! This has got to be most enjoyable season of anime this year. I didn’t find one show I outright hated of the season, although to be fair, there were some bad shows I only watched the first episode and immediately dropped like Chaos Dragon, Classroom Crisis and I couldn’t continue to watch RIN-NE (it is easily one of the dullest and unfunny anime this year) and I don’t plan on looking at its announced 2nd season.

There is also 2 other shows I immediately started watching since dropping some anime and they turned out to be from decent to really good but I’ll get to that later. Now it’s time for final thoughts of the Summer shows:


Good news is that this show isn’t another SAO or a No Game No Life…but that doesn’t completely mean it’s good. This is another case of being some generic MMORPG fantasy show with no memorable characters aside from Lord Moe Skeleton or…..well, that giant hamster but that’s it and it because this genre of anime happens to be popular at the moment. I do see it trying to have some Log Horizon essence but unfortunately it isn’t there. Hell, most people cried about LH being dull and joyless but they were wrong. Overlord is a less-interesting version of Log Horizon and I couldn’t recommend this show to you. Oh, and the music sucks there as well especially that god-awful ending music. (5/10 – AN ACQUIRED TASTE)

(animated by PASSIONE; licensed by PONY CANYON USA)

Speaking of something generic and played-out….yeah, Rokka felt nothing else than your basic generic fantasy anime but this is a whodunit show but the only thing is…I didn’t give no fuck about how this will end. My interest in the show was getting lower and lower as the episodes go by as I clearly didn’t care enough about these characters and who was the 7th member that wanted to kill them. Like Maria the Virgin Witch, reviewers I know loved this and like me, I don’t feel the same way. This is just not good. (4.5/10 – Low AN ACQUIRED TASTE)

(animated by ufotable; licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)

OK, as uninteresting as I thought the last 2 anime were, at least they were trying. God Eater is just bad and trying so hard to be Attack on Titan. Actually, it’s the 2nd anime this year that tried to be that with the first being Seraph at the End and while Seraph was dumb and tried too hard to be edgy, God Eater just lacks style, substance and personality. The story wasn’t that great and the characters are too tedious to care about. Not to mention the artwork and animation wasn’t that great and this is coming from ufotable, the studio people love to praise a lot for their animation although scheduling problems did occur here…but that doesn’t mean it should get a pass. Easily a snorefest and one of the worst anime this year. (3.5/10 – NOT FEELING THIS)


(animated by J.C. STAFF; licensed by FUNIMATION ENTERTAINMENT)

Apparently, this is one of the more favorable anime hits of the season….and while it got some good moments, I’m not swayed at it by being the best of the summer. I can see why people love it so much but I can also see why people hate it. It comes across as shocking or thrilling but to me, it seems like something I’ve already seen before in a slightly superior setting than this…and most of that was in hentai and for the record the whole piss thing with Hana (who’s a crazy bitch by the way) is just nasty as fuck….and I don’t know if it’s trying to say how gross it is or if it’s in favor of it. Either way, still nasty as hell. (6/10 – VANILLA)

(Animated by LERCHE; licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Yet again, this is another anime that a lot of people expressed high praise for and I didn’t care for most of it. On one hand, the premise is interesting and it’s the latter half where things start to pick up and some moments are effective for what they are. The other hand….this is just another moe schoolgirl anime that just happens to have zombies in there as those parts got lackluster like I’m watching another anime altogether and the characters aren’t really that compelling to begin with but they do get some development at the near end. But….at least it was schoolgirls put in a dangerous situations and actually doing shit to survive. (6.5/10 – Low OKAY)



You see, Rokka? THIS IS AN INTERESTING MYSTERY SHOW!! It’s a cluster fuck of one but it’s actually entertaining for one and actually has something of a Sherlockian feel to each mystery in the anime. Everything about each mystery in the anime screams intrigue and excitement for me episode after episode although it does get mind-boggling most of the time and the ending was sure a head-scratcher. Nevertheless, it will still a good show to watch. (7/10 – OKAY)

And now for the shows I didn’t give a first impression of…..but surprisingly I liked them.

(animated by P.A. Works; licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)

So…….is this supposed to be if Code Geass or Death Note was by the Key guys and P.A. Works? Well, yes and no. It’s that but it still got the ingredients of a Key anime but fortunately not as sappy or emotionally manipulative as you think they were going to be. The situations and antics were mostly funny for the part being and the dramatic moments thrived in some areas. Some say with this and Shirobako, people are beginning to feel excited about P.A. Works titles again but…I wouldn’t go that far. Good show but P.A. Works is far from being a favorite studio of mine. (7/10 – OKAY)

(Animated by LERCHE & SEVA; licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

So……I heard a lot about this title and I didn’t watch it at first because of lack of interest and now that I have, I can say that….I actually enjoyed this. Yes, I enjoyed an eechi harem comedy about this guy attracting monster girls from a lamia to a harpy, centaur, mermaid, spider and even a slime girl. The show is called Everyday Life with Monster Girls and that’s what the anime showcases and it’s actually funny and the characters, especially the girls are rather charming and humorous despite them always trying to get Darling-kun to love them. Oh, and this is actually a decent plot in an eechi anime…. in other words, suck it, High School DXD. (8/10 – SOLID B.)

(animated by POLYGON PICTURES; expected to be licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS, streaming on NETFLIX)

So, the sequel to one of my favorite shows from last year is back and it holds up….not as good as the first season but still good nevertheless. I will say that the action is still present throughout the season but not as much as some of the slice-of-life elements overshadow it although that’s not to say they weren’t pleasant. I also like the addition of Tsumugi, the Gauna/human hybrid staying with Nagate & Izana and she’s actually the most moe thing of the show and yet she’s still an interesting character than any KyoAni moe girl. (8/10 – SOLID B.)

(animated by MAPPA & STUDIO VOLN; licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Wow, this is definitely a ‘90s throwback shonen anime and you know what? It’s perfectly fine as this show is enjoyable fun and reminds me how good this type of anime could be from the ‘90s stylized action to the comedy between our two leads and it didn’t need to hit us on the head with nostalgia all the time. Hell, this is the shonen type I wanted Akame ga Kill to be last year and this is way more deserving on a future slot on Toonami than AgK. By yeah, the folks at MAPPA did it again as they continue to be a studio for me to watch (even if Punchline sucked). – (8/10 – SOLID B.)


It’s safe to say that Insight still continues the fun and excitement from season 1 with some new elements from the invasion of the Kuu-samas to the VAPE organization. The new addition of Tsubasa to Gatchaman has been good and she’s been a likable character throughout although a bit stupid at some parts and there was a nice showcase of Rui stepping into the action. This is on par with the first season and still remains a good action superhero-ish show. (8/10 – SOLID B.)



As Ninja Slayer continues from the spring season, the one question holds to the show? Does it still hold up after the first 13 episodes? And it does. I will say the show may not be as high quality or grandiose as people wanted it to be but it is still a rather enjoyable show that as stupid but at least knows to be entertaining. (8.5/10 – High SOLID B/ Low FIRST CLASS)

(animated by SHUKA; licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)

Things have gotten more interesting in the world of Durarara and the second arc of the second season and it amped up from what the first arc got us from certain characters put in danger that could actually kill them and they are moments where that particular character either got their ass kicked or beaten and looks like certain death from here on out. I am not saying who dies or not and if they survive, then that’s fine, too. I’ve easily enjoyed both arcs so far into the new season of Durarara!!x2 and wonder what if in the final arc coming in….January 2016. Yeah, that’s a long wait but at least I got the dub to re-watch again. (9/10 – FIRST CLASS)

(animated by BONES; licensed by FUNIMATION ENTERTAINMENT)

I never thought I would say this but I found a fantasy-set show that I actually like and this is something of a Japanese twist on a classic fairy tale, only minus the dwarves. It’s an enchanting tale with two capable protagonists in Shirayuki and Zen and their budding friendship slowly turning into a romance but it doesn’t overshadow any other elements; its equal parts action, equal drama and equal romance with this and not to mention the beautiful anime provided by Studio BONES and with another season coming in January, I’m eager to await what’s next for this show. (9/10 – FIRST CLASS)

(animated by MADHOUSE; licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

This year, not only have I gotten shows that could be anime of the year material, but shows that could be my favorite anime of all time and My Love Story fits right in that criteria (and another one which you already know by now). This has got to be the sweetest and cute romance anime I have ever watched. It’s something about this show that wants to make you smile at this couple and hope for them to stay together forever and grow old. Takeo and Yamato are another example of anime couples done right and while it is adorable, it isn’t so sugary, you’ll get sick of it. Easily one of the best anime of 2015. (10/10 – HALL OF FAME!)

And now…..for the one anime you knew I was going to give a high grade. You knew from the moment I watched episode 1 and kept praising it for being something unique than the rest of the summer anime.

And my friends that is….



From the moment I heard about this anime, I couldn’t wait to watch this show and after one season, it was worth it. The story and characters are worth getting invested in especially learning about the Twilights and the past of our main characters Nicolas, Worick, and Alex. The animation and artwork is what the show needed to be – dark, gloomy and muted which isn’t a stranger to the director since he did Ergo Proxy and as of music? Probably the best anime score I’ve heard this year, along with Blood Blockade Battlefront. It’s something that doesn’t scream out ANIME!! And that’s actually good and something different than the stuff we usually get. All-in-all, Gangsta. Is one of the best anime of the summer, the best of the year and possibly one of the best anime of all time. (10/10 – HALL OF FAME!)

AS FOR MY TOP 10 of the year rankings so far…..

  1. Gangsta.
  2. My Love Story
  3. Snow White with the Red Hair
  4. Death Parade
  5. Durarara!!x2 (Shou and Ten)
  6. Blood Blockade Battlefront
  7. Ninja Slayer From Animation
  8. Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine
  9. Gatchaman Crowds Insight
  10. Assassination Classroom

And that is it!!! The summer is over and we got a smorgasbord of good shows from that season and from what we saw in the fall schedule, it looks like it could continue…..shows like the much-hyped One Punch Man, Lupin, Garo S2, Noragami Aragoto, Concrete Revolutio, Perfect Insider….what could go wrong with this lineup?
*remembers Seraph at the End Season 2 is a thing*

Oh…….yeah………I forgot about that. Welp, at least that’s airing on the 10th and not the 3rd as I thought it would be.

*finds something*

Wait, what’s this? Could it be? OHMY GOD….IT’S…..Screenshot 2015-09-21 17.24.24


And it’s on my birthday, too!!??


And now I rejoice in pleasure. I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I can’t wait for the FALL SEASON!

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