WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 1: Episode 12 – My CLIQUE

Hello, this is going to be a new venture for us at Mind of the Hybrid One and while we hardly do weekly recaps of anything around here, we decided to do one of a specific show that’s airing right now. One that airs every week and is only 12 minutes an episode and airs on a network which actually has a lot of great animated shows on their roster, not to mention it practically the only network I usually watch nowadays.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…..The Mind of the Hybrid One will do a weekly recap of….


Ah, Hell no….the other one.


That’s right, we will do weekly recaps of We Bare Bears every Friday on the Hybrid One and we will be starting on last Thursday’s episode, My Clique.

 Screenshot 2015-09-14 18.52.31


The bears help Chloe befriend her college classmates.


Hearing that this was another Chloe episode and I already said in my first impressions that Chloe was my favorite character even though she’s only been in one episode prior to this, I was excited for this one.
And with this one, that cements why she’s my favorite and how most people can relate to her.
The bears see Chloe doesn’t have much friends in college and they want to help make her some friends even an attempt of a mature party for her but it doesn’t do too well. It shows that Chloe is an intelligent and introverted girl that’s trying to adapt to her environment at college and it’s not easy for her being this child prodigy, skipping a couple of grades and basically the only kid her age at an university surrounded by other adults and she’s not being bullied or anything since a couple of students were being nice to her and she just don’t know how to do it without making herself feel weird or awkward.Screenshot 2015-09-14 18.44.52

“It’s crazy! People think it’s so cool to be ‘a prodigy’. Why can I just be called ‘the awkward Korean girl who will never be tall enough to ride a rollercoaster’?”

In the end, she does ends up befriending Amy, the girl who first said ‘hi’ to her in the episode and her other friends as well and it all worked out in the end.

Of course, there are always funny highlights of the show including Panda clearly wants Amy’s number, the Meta factor that is Chloe is watching Adventure Time and of course, Ice Bear as always.

“Ice Bear will make them love CHLOE!”

“All Ice Bear’s friends are future enemies.”

“Statue of Liberty, snowman, whale, spider monkey, I know why the Caged Bird Sings.”

IN CONCLUSION, this was not only a funny episode but charming and endearing as well…..along with a satisfying ending.




Now, I can say tune in every Friday for a We Bare-Cap Bears on MIND OF THE HYBRID ONE!!

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, I’ll be there…..for those BEARS over there!!!

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