(Hy)Lights #37: We BARE Bears (First Impression)

So, yeah, We Bear Bears…..

When first hearing about this show, the first thing I thought of is….well, the title. Come on, no one else thought it sounded a bit strange?

OK, anyway, what we have here is another addition to Cartoon Network’s growing roster of well-received animated shows in their recent years. The show follows three bears: Grizz (A grizzly bear), Panda (well, duh, the name speaks for itself) and Ice Bear (a polar bear) whether they are fitting in with human society, making friends, or becoming internet famous (which the internet does get referenced a lot in this show.)

The show is based on a 2010-2011 web comic titled The Three Bear Bears with characters of the same name and both were created by Daniel Chong, a story artist that worked for Pixar and Illumination Entertainment and the pilot was also a part of Cartoon Network’s shorts development program.

Now my thoughts of the show is this….it is one of Cartoon Network’s more low-key animated series in terms of shows like Clarence where the comedic situations are more of the highlight than any overarching story and……I’m okay with that, considering we actually do need a show in the vein of this but with a good twist and that’s not putting down their other shows with higher concepts like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Over the Garden Wall and even Regular Show, which doesn’t much of a high concept but one that goes from low to high depending on episode and situation and while Clarence  is an example of low-key shows I brought out earlier, it doesn’t leave me wanting more of it although it’s still an OK show.

The show got great moments of comedy especially since most of it does have some internet references or spotting here and there in episodes like “Viral Video”, “Food Truck”, & “Primal” but fortunately, it doesn’t become too dependent of it where it just throws a reference just for the sake of it. There’s already a show on CN that does that (and I think most of you know what show I’m mentioning). Oh, and it doesn’t have to need to be random for no reason at all or at least do it all the time (unlike another CN show that does that).

There are even a moment where the show actually gets you emotional for something….

And this is for a BURRITO! A BURRITO!!

You can easily some of the characters here relatable to either yourself or people you personally know. Like Grizz is the one that gets them in a lot of hi-jinks throughout the show and highly sociable and friendly person but mostly inept on that, too. Panda is like most of us in every way possible: we’re hooked on the internet 24/7, we know all of the latest in technology but sometimes we’re nervous and less confident in ourselves. Ice Bear serves as the comedic relief of the show and it works as he’s probably the funniest of the 3 bears and it’s mainly because his dry delivery of humor in situations and he happens to be the most calm and collected bear out of the 3. It’s a familiar dynamic of the calm one, the silly one and the nervous one but they aren’t just strictly those personalities.

Now there is one character I instantly like even though as of the time of writing this review (on 11 episodes) she’s only been in one episode, and that’s Chloe. She’s a child prodigy enrolled in college who met the bears when she was doing a project about them and I saw from her that she’s shy and doesn’t talk to a lot of people but befriend the bears instantly.

The voice-acting was spot-on from the first episode and up and the actors got the every tone of the character right.

I don’t know much of Eric Edelstein (voice of Grizz) and his work…..
*researches that guy*
Oh, he’s Chad from Clarence…….Ok, Shameless….that’s some live action stuff for ya…..JURASSIC WORLD!?  OK, now I have to see that. (Oh, and performance-wise, he’s well-acted in this.)

Bobby Moynihan plays Panda and he is no stranger to voice acting unfortunately the role I remember him VA-wise was Chozen.  You remember Chozen?  You don’t? Good, that was terrible and him in this….this is his good choice.

There is some appearances on the show from people like Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Office [U.S.])  playing Lucy, the girl who Panda has a crush on in “Panda’s Date” and as usual, Kemper has that natural cute charm in her to play that character. Patton Oswalt as Nom-Nom, the cute koala that gets a lot of YouTube hits but is a complete asshole  in real life….it’s the perfect role for Oswalt.

Ah, Demetri Martin….I haven’t seen him in a while and yeah, Ice Bear is definitely made for that guy since both the character and the comedian has similarities in their dry and awkward-style humor.
I also instantly recognize Charlyne Yi as Chloe and she plays it well as a sweet and smart kid….and then I’m thinking of the last Cartoon Network show she did a voice in…..

Yeah, she’s good.

Speaking of Steven Universe….Estelle did the theme song to this and it’s delightfully cheery, charming and short like most CN theme songs.

FINAL VERDICT (for now):  We Bear Bears is a low-key charming comedy cartoon that can be entertaining without having to go overboard or irritating in its comedy. It has easily relatable characters in most situations you can see yourself in (at least 70% of them) and moments that has some re-watch value. It may not be as high on the caliber of shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, etc. but it does rank higher than shows like Clarence  or Gumball in terms of good shows on Cartoon Network.

And yes, it easily outranks Teen Titans GO!  and Uncle Grandpa.

So, I give this bear stack…..

an 8/10….SOLID B.

And with that Burrito story showing it can bring out emotions in you….I wonder if there’s a tragic Ice Bear storyline or Ice Bear as an assassin.

Hell, Ice Bear as Hitman!! It’ll make a better Hitman thing than most of those movies.

Anyway, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid Bear and….ICE BEAR WANTS JUSTICE!!!



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