Anime Discovery 2015: JUNGLE de Ikou – #139

I’ve noticed that I haven’t checked out an obscure title in a long while and I looked through the depths of the internet and see what shows need some attention nowadays and I stumbled upon a lesser-known title called Jungle de Ikou.

Now the question most of you are thinking is…..what is that and what it is about?

Well, Jungle de Ikou is an OVA consisting of 3 episodes, each about 28 minutes totaling to approximately 90 minutes.

After meeting a dancing old man in what she thinks is just a crazy dream, a preteen schoolgirl named Natsumi finds herself in possession of a strange necklace that was a part of those artifacts and embarks on a series of fanservice-filled magical girl adventures with a little creature named Ongo who might be evil and a shy girl with mysterious powers named Nami.

So after watching all 3 episodes, my words for this is: HUH? And WHAT THE FUCK?

OK, the plot is really nothing much to talk about as it was just episodic adventures and there’s nothing wrong with that and yes, this is basically an ecchi show and while I normally don’t mind ecchi, there was something creepy and awkwardly bad about this one. Whether it’s the way the two girls turn into these magical girls where one of them got to gyrate or twerk (fuck it, its twerking) some orgasm-like moves or look like one of them is taking a piss. No way, there’s a twerking sequence where the other girl looks like she had to pee or some other thing that most of you already know.

It doesn’t seem enticing to watch, either. For a 3-episode OVA, the adventures seen here are really tedious and repetitive and while sometimes repetitiveness can work as long as it’s enjoyable, it doesn’t work here, especially with the characters. I could’ve gone on about the story but honestly, who really cares? It just seems like fan service for the majority of it with 10 minutes of story and that’s in all 3 parts.

Speaking of that, the majority of the characters are highly annoying and obnoxious and others are just forgettable and bland; Natsumi fits in the middle with her energetic attitude around others that can be fine occasionally. However, the most annoying being either Ongo, the little shrill creature that follows Natsumi around and her friend Takumi is obnoxious to the 10th degree, who is generally the archetype dude that gets attracted to Mie, the busty flower spirit that Natsumi turns into. Oh and that other girl Nami….she’s the generic nice girl of the show and that’s actually fine and yet she gets possessed by Rongo, the water spirit who was engaged to Ongo.

The art has a lot of color but is dingy and flat in all scope but since this is a work from 1997, I expected it not to age well and man, this is not fine wine. The animation itself is also standard for the time around although it’s more solely on the fan service area and most of the “action” is slightly below average and primarily gag-based.

The music was serviceable in all means from the opening theme to the ending although I don’t think you would remember it by the time it’s over. If for some reason you have to watch that, I’d steer clear of the English dub as I was you because it is not a good one. It could be close to the Japanese but then again that must means that the original language isn’t all that good in the first place and that’s a shame considering the dub has voice actors I highly like and respect like Michelle Ruff, Melissa Fahn and Mona Marshall. My guess that it has something to do with the ADR writing or voice direction but it was just bad to listen to.

FINAL VERDICT: Yeah, I can see why people don’t bring up this show as much. It’s not a good show at all and it’s not even so bad it’s funny. It’s just a bad show in the sense of having nothing good to offer and being so forgetful, you wonder why it’s forgotten. In other words, just throw this back at the jungle pit where it belongs.

And how much does that stink?

2/10 – Clownshoes


JUNGLE DE IKOU is licensed by MEDIA BLASTERS (or ANIMEWORKS) and is on DVD. For streaming options, it’s not streaming on any legal sites so mostly you have to depend on fansubs or YouTube.


Well, this has been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.



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