3 New Anime Worth Watching This Summer

My latest article from Another Castle has arrived and it’s focusing on 3 new anime you should watch this summer!!
I had more but 3 is plenty enough.

Another Castle

The summer anime season has started and that means a plethora of new titles awaits many people to check out to determine if they are worth a watch for the rest of their run. Here on Another Castle, we’ve decided that not only one title is worth talking about here today, but three new anime are the subject of today whether they are ‘handymen’ in a shady city, a redhead girl escaping to a new land or being pals with a monster that wants to eat you.


Gangsta revolves around two ‘handymen’ who take on jobs for both the mob and the police force that no one else can handle. The two, named Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown, work in the town of Ergastulum, which is full of mafia, hoodlums, prostitutes, and dirty cops.

Why it’s Worth Watching

  • A unique animation aesthetic from Manglobe (Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy) that actually works in…

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