The Blue Hybrid’s TOP 10: Anime I Don’t Like (or HATE) that everybody else loves

Hello, everyone.

I’m here to talk about something that a lot of you know……your hatred of something that everybody else loves. There’s a saying that goes like this: “You can please some of the audience, but you can’t please them all.”

Yeah, this is completely true.

Not everyone is going to be pleased with most things media. It’s been like that since the dawn of time that some people aren’t going to like this movie, form of music, TV show or even anime. Although it is a bit tricky with anime since some titles can go either way and this is the topic of this top 10.

These are the anime that I don’t like (or just flat-out hate) that everybody else loves. The reason why I put the ‘don’t like (or just flat-out hate)’ tag on there is because there are some shows that I don’t like or love but I don’t completely hate, just shows that I don’t think deserves the love it’s getting from critics and fans alike.

Some people can love a series to death while you could be that guy and say….”I really don’t see what was good about this show.”

And before we go on this list…..I got only one thing to say:

This is my list…..meaning these are the choices I pick and it’s from the anime I’ve seen as in I probably haven’t saw every anime and also, just because I don’t like these shows, doesn’t make you a bad person for liking them. I’m going after the show, not the person that likes them.

You can like whatever show you want.

If you got anything to say about this, you can politely comment on this and say your piece on this and not be an asshole while you’re at it.


OK, thank you, let’s begin.


    (animated by Production I.G., distributed by VIZ MEDIA – formerly GENEON and MEDIA BLASTERS)

So, yeah, when I first watch Moribito back it was airing on Neon Alley in its linear channel format, I didn’t much have expectations of this. I knew it was going to be a slow burn of a show and it does have a good character in Balsa and it being a journey show didn’t bother me. However, everything else in the show was just not clicking with me. The journey isn’t all that attention-grabbing, the side characters aren’t that interesting and the slow pace doesn’t do much to keep me tuned in…although I did watch all 26 episodes but I just marathon that to get it over with and the thing is it’s not a bad series but a dull one and this is from the director of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and from Production I.G., one of the best anime studios out there. I should’ve been hyped to watch it….but instead, I was disappointed to say the least.


    (animated by BRAINS’ BASE, distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Yeah, I reviewed this before on the Hybrid One and I’m gonna keep this short. To me, this is the weakest and the most annoying effort from Kunihiko Ikuhara as while I thought the story involving the main 3 characters (Shoma, Kanba, Himari) was the best thing about the series but everything else….it felt unnecessary and only tact in there to add more episodes. Seriously, I really don’t give a flying fuck about Ringo or her plot of trying to get her dead sister’s friend to become like her. It sounded like a bad romantic drama and I shouldn’t expect from the guy who made Utena, which is a better and superior show even with a cheesy ‘90s dub…..which actually sounds better than the Penguindrum dub.
Yeah, I went there (then again, most of you didn’t even like that dub anyway).
Again, not an awful show but wow, this is not a good one to recommend.


  1. CHAIKA – the COFFIN PRINCESS (both seasons)
    (animated by BONES, distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Prepare to hate me more because I really thought this was just a generic fantasy show with a cute girl added in there and the while Chaika may be the best thing on there, it’s because everyone else is either your basic RPG-set character and I couldn’t give less of a fuck about them. The plot is forgettable to a tee and the antics were really not that funny to begin with. I get a chuckle or two from it sometimes but I couldn’t be invested in whatever story it got and not only that, this is weakest Bones show to debut that year…..even Soul Eater Not is more engaging than this and I barely give a damn about that.
And you people gave shit to the wrong Bones show that year (which I will talk about some other time.)


    (animated by SHAFT, distributed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)

*grrrrrr* Once again, I have fallen for this stupid-ass trap of bad romantic comedies. You think live-action romcoms like Bride Wars, The Ugly Truth were shit? You’ve seen nothing yet with this show. It’s basically the boy finding his crush he met as a child and he doesn’t know who it is, although he’s friends with a girl that obviously likes him as more than a friend but he’s engaged to this other girl because of the Yakuza and she’s the standard tsundere bitch who might be that girl he met as a child but they don’t know then other girls come in on that and…..AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Why do shows like this still exist?  The comedy is bad, the characters are either unlikable to a fault or so spineless that it takes them forever to confess and the final conclusion to this is not worth it. Yes, I know there is a 2nd season of this and no, I’m not bothering with that bullshit. Shows like this and Love Hina are the reason why I can’t stand romantic comedy or drama anime and people kept eating this shit up.
Oh, why can’t more shows learn from ToraDora and My Love Story? You know, a story and characters I care about?


  1. AKAME ga KILL!
    (Animated by WHITE FOX, distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Oh, BOY! Stupid dumb-ass shonen show that tries to be an edgy shinen show because deaths all around means it’s dary and edgy and the kids love that shit, right? RIGHT!?! RIGHT!!!?!??
OK, first off, I wanted this show to be good when it was first in simulcast last year but the more I think about this show, the more I really don’t like it. It thinks it’s being this show that’s different than any other shonen but in honesty, it’s being worse than those other shonen. The whole ‘killing characters off to get more emotion off the audience’ doesn’t work as we barely know or care about them at all. It stops being this ‘fun’ anime and it’s the same monotonous shonen action series you’ve seen before. Oh, and for a show called Akame ga Kill, the main character gets pushed to the side a lot for Tatsumi….and he sucks as a main character.


  1. SWORD ART ONLINE (both seasons)
    (animated by A-1 PICTURES, distributed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)030214_1820_AnimeDiscov1.jpg092014_2246_AnimeDiscov18.jpg

You knew eventually this was going to be on this list and I know most of you are thinking, “Doesn’t everybody hate that anime?”
Well, no, as hard as this is, a lot of people do like this anime for what it brought to them but honestly, this is not a good anime series at all. It’s the epitome of bad writing in an anime that thinks it’s being good. If it’s not its sloppily written plot with its unbalanced pace and unneeded drama elements (the forced death episode of ep.3, the attempted rape scenes in both seasons for examples), it’s the awful character writing with our OP hero Kirito to Asuna, who went from badass warrior character that was kinda annoying to housewaifu and it gets worse in season 2…..oh god, it gets dumber.
So, yeah, in closing of this… know what? Fuck it. I’ll save it for a review coming soon……


    (animated by KYOTO ANIMATION, distributed by PONYCANYON USA)

Ah, KyoAni……man, you are an overrated studio with otaku-pandering shows that people are gonna buy because “OH, LOOK! MOE GIRLS AND SHIT!! LOOKS SO PURTY!”
Yeah, I’m not a fan of them and Sound! Euphonium cements that.
It’s a high school band show about some whiny moeblobs going for regionals or some shit like that and I….I don’t give a damn. I rather watch K-On than this because at least this show had some personality to it and can be a little funny at some times. Here, all you get is whiny drama full of moe girl problems and apparently this show copped out of having a yuri relationship between the two character brunette bun-hair girl and the black-haired glasses one.
Yeah… much as I’m for yuri relationships in anime, I don’t care for this one at all.
All this show does is look pretty and that’s it and no characters and story worth investing in.
“But it looks p—“ WHO GIVES A SHIT!?!? Bitch about manglobe not being some grand animation, but at least their shows are worth giving a damn. KyoAni is all glitter and sparkle and no substance.


    (animated by asread, distributed by FUNIMATION ENTERTAINMENT)

Much like Akame, Future Diary suffers through the same damn thing and that’s being a shonen that tries too hard to be a seinen series. You have an alright premise set up but the problem is…your characters are awful, mainly our two leads Yuki and Yuno. Yuno may be a crazy yandere bitch but Yuki is in fact the worst of those two as he is the basic spineless dumbass of a lead and a horrible person at that. Why? Because (SPOILERS)!! This motherfucker cried for his father dying when not long ago, he killed his ex-wife – YUKI’S MOM – and you expect me to feel bad for the guy? NO! FUCK HIM, FUCK HIS SON, FUCK HIS CRAZY BITCH OF A GIRLFRIEND and FUCK THIS ANIME!


    (animated by Madhouse, distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)041214_0022_AnimeDiscov1.jpg

Again, another title that so many people love that I really couldn’t stand. NGNL is basically trying to do SAO but with a comedic tone and not taken seriously. Yeah, I get that but unfortunately, it isn’t that funny or engaging. It was very tedious and an eyesore to look at, too. It’s like watching somebody play a videogame and you watching them having fun and doing the things they want to do but you’re stuck watching it all. Yeah, that sounds like fun, don’t it? HAHAHA!! No, it doesn’t. Plus, this was part of a trifecta of bad Madhouse anime with Magical Warfare and Mahouka last year (thank god, Parasyte turned out good despite some dips in quality….”But the deat—“……Parasyte was the only good thing from MADHOUSE in 2014!! SHUT UP!)
So, boring anime that doesn’t let you have fun, characters that aren’t that different from other videogame anime and an ugly too bright aesthetic.


And now my number 1 pick of what anime I hate but everybody else LOVES and believe you me……..this is one title that every fan and critic I heard of loves to DEATH…….

You might hate me for putting this on this list.

Hell, some of you might question me and my choices for—





    (animated by ARTLAND, distributed by FUNIMATION ENTERTAINMENT, 2nd season by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)

*gasp* I pick Mushi-shi? I pick an anime that I heard many, many people give unanimous praises from critics and fans alike? I pick a show that everybody loves from its atmosphere to its characters to its—

Yeah, yeah, yeah….I pick this because watching this made me question those who liked this show. I see why but my god, this show is so BORING!!!

It’s the adventures of following this guy wondering around the woods, finding this mysterious creatures called Mushi and it’s an episodic anthology series.  That last part isn’t a problem but unfortunately all the episodes (that I watched, I stopped after episode 19 of the first season) felt like watching the same damn thing all over again. It’s not enchanting or deep or even fascinating to follow through every episode. I tried binge-watching it but it didn’t do much. Watching one per week….nada. It made me realize I could be watching other good anime than this.
There’s nothing deep or cerebral repeating the same thing over and over again. You can say all you want about the individual stories that happen but I see the same damn thing. You may say the music and animation are good and calm and serene and for the part being, they are but the only good I see coming from is curing your insomnia.

Another thing I’ve said before….slow pace does not always equal better storytelling…watching one episode felt like watching an 90 minute movie. You know your show is awful when it only serves to be a sleep aid.

This show isn’t the critical or popular hit people made it out to be. Instead, it’s an overrated arthouse anime that if you don’t watch, you’re not missing anything. At all……and you wonder why FUNi didn’t take season 2 or AoA wasn’t giving release plans for S2 yet.

There you go…Mushi-Shi is the #1 anime that I HATE but everyone else loves!!


Now, with that over, I bet most of you felt like you want to kill me…….




I see that the Blue Hybrid left before anyone tries to beat him with a socket wrench for putting Mushi-Shi on that list.

He does have an anime list of shows he loves but you hate (sorta) coming up soon so don’t worry. You might soon beat him for that.


Anyway, he’s MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and he’s running for his life.


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